Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Golden Sea

I painted this in 2005.It is painted in acrylic and is 19 inches by 17.
This is a painting of the sea.I especially like looking at the sea from the clifftops because from up there you can see further out and see more shadows if there are clouds .Many of my paintings are of the sea.Sometimes they are memories of the sea and sometimes they are observations.Many of my paintings could be considered quite abstract but I find the natural world allready to be quite abstract.From the clifftops the sea doesn't always look like it does from the beach.Sometimes it works more like a mirror for the sky.From above the sound is more distant and removed but the endless movement of the waves can be more apparent.
I like the way that through binoculars the horizon flickers and moves; it seems to be in a state of flux with the sky.I enjoy the way that ships appear to slide over the horizon and then come back again.I like the smell of the beach.I like the beach at night when you can see stars reflected in the water or when the sea seems bouncy and alive or disturbed.It is a cliche but the sea always seems different. It can be surprising like when it is windy and you expect waves but find a strangely flat surface with just the patterns of the wind upon it.My own favourite times of the day on the beach are first thing in the morning when everything is fresh and the time after the sun goes down to darkness.
These experiences are quiet observations and they are the stuff that I try to put into my paintings.
It is difficult to write about art without sounding pretentious or mad.I will do my best but will at some points probably appear both.

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