Thursday, June 07, 2007

Old Pictures of the town of Sidmouth

Old pictures of the town of Sidmouth, I think this last one was taken in 1866.


Mary Walden-Till said...

Hi, I research the history of Sidmouth through old photos and newspapers so I was very interested to come across the last one on your page which is new to me.
It looks as though it may be part of the Francis Bedford set from the 1860s but I couldn't get the date closer than that for those I have.

Could you tell me please how you have honed it down to 1866, and if I can be so cheeky could I have a high definition scan for my research?

Kind regards, Mary

john said...

Hi Mary. I put these up quite a long time ago now so I'm not entirely sure how I came upon the date of 1866. I think it's possible that the date was mentioned on the site I originally found the photo on. I don't have any larger versions of the photos unfortunately as they were sourced as they are from across the internet. I'll have a look through my collection of old Sidmouth photos and see if I can find this one to see if there's any more information there. Hope this is of some help. John.