Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Paintings

The square blue painting at the top was painted in Woodbury in the early nineties, the driftwood for the frame for this painting was collected on the beach at Weston. Like a lot of these paintings of the time this was painted mostly at night which was not a good idea as in the morning the colours would look different, consequently I invested in a daylight bulb for my little studio.
The second painting was from the same time and involved some collage with newspaper. I have always enjoyed sticking things onto paintings and generally do not respect the conventions of the painting being a window and try to distract and play with these conventions. Quite often I have left the background wood showing through and sometimes I have stuck cigarette butts onto the painting. I have given up smoking now and my paintings smell a lot nicer for it.
The third orange and red painting was completed last year and the whole thing is mounted on a very thick piece of wood that was washed up onto the beach possibly making it the heaviest painting I have made so far. I would hate to think how much this would cost to send through the post and I would certainly not want this to fall off the wall onto me.
The last painting was made in about 1995 and was made by painting lots of small offcuts of wood with leftover paint and then arranging and glueing them onto a wooden board. Arranging these pieces of wood took a long time as I work very slowly and like to look at things for a long time as you cannot rush these things. Hopefully some of this time and deliberation is visible in the results.

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brian kennedy said...

I love this arrangement of rectagular shapes, the orderly disorder of it, the playing with horizontalness and verticalness. Reminds me of Hundertwasser's work some, he played with colors in a way that refreshes me similarly to the way you do here...Thanks! Also reminds me of Afro-American strip quilt patterning, which I really like, that I saw in a book called "Who'd a Thought It" about quilts.