Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turn Left at the Withered Hand

Just as I got to the top of the hill and into the woods the other day it started raining. I took cover under a large beech tree which gives shelter from rain for about five minutes. As the rain got heavier I got myself under a small holly tree which was underneath the beech tree. The rain continued for about twenty five minutes and luckily neither my boots nor my coat let any rain in. After this time I continued my walk and took these photo's.

The woods have taken a real battering over the past few weeks with all the gales and rain and they look as though some huge animal has been fighting its way through them with so many broken branches and devastation.
I saw another large fox the other day who didn't see me until he was really close. I reckon that he didn't expect to meet anyone around there as it is a very quiet part of the woods. He jumped in surprise when he saw me but I noticed that he didn't drop the rabbit that he held in his mouth - so he didn't lose his supper. I expect that he will be a bit more cautious in that part of the woods now. Autumn is coming now and the leaves are changing colour and the nights are becoming cold, it is dark here now at eight o clock in the evening.

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