Sunday, December 21, 2008

back on the beach

The first few were taken a couple of days ago on a low tide. The further down the beach you walk the further back in time you seem to go. The last two were taken handheld this evening and the three or four large ships in the photo have been out there for about a week now, maybe they have run out of money. I like to see a bit of coming and going on the sea. I grew up near two large ports, so an empty sea looks a bit boring to me. We would have all the ships, The Canberra, the QE2, large oil tankers and all sorts of entertainment.

The only good thing about the Napoli being sat two miles up the coast was that there was something to look at in the water, though it was good for the tourist trade as well. On the night, it was refreshing to see all the torches and fire on the beach, pretty much as it must have looked when any wreck has happened throughout history and it's fair enough for the locals as they have to suffer the inconvenience of it all. The tabloids did their spoiling bit by printing a treasure map with a big X over Branscombe, ensuring that looters came from far and wide to the coast seeking plunder, the greedy fools, as anything remaining was largely destroyed by the next tide and it's a long way to come for shampoo and biscuits. There were stories of people breaking into local sheds and stealing stuff if they hadn't found anything on the beach, it didn't really bring out the best in people.


nobody said...

More gorgeous stuff. It's hard to beat 'golden time' isn't it? Things just glow. Otherwise mate, your second phote here is really something, an extraordinary combination of colours and textures. Quite unwordly. Thanks mate.

john said...

Thanks nobody, yes it's a lovely time to be out and about, i'm a big twilight fan too, I do like a bit of dinge. Hope the surf is good where you are, people surf here but it's flat at the moment though there is always the traditional Boxing day swim coming up. Brrr, not for me.

nobody said...

Thanks matey. Otherwise, it's Christmas and I'm wandering around my favourite blogs wishing everyone season's greetings. All the best to you mate, and I hope you and your family and friends all have a lovely time. Best, nobody.

john said...

Thanks nobody, all the best to you and yours too and thanks for all your writing this year and haiku too. I spent this morning buying beer and then we climbed a dark hill together, land of the badgers by the look of it and completly silent. Send us an email sometime, i have an address i'd like to pass your way, my email linkything is on the profile. . cheers for now and have a good one

nina said...

My gosh John, you live in a wonderland. There is a place on the Southern Coast of the Dominican Repuplic called Cabo Rojo that looks like this, so large and beautiful it is overwhelming. Deep water but clear to the sand below. Its the uninhabited bay sequestered on the leeward side of a dangerous cape. Is this place you have shown us like that? I bet its even better because of all your vegetation photographs. Your art shines through every one.
I hope you and your family have a glorious holiday. Know you will enjoy your woodburning stove. Ah, heat, glorious heat.
Merry Christmas, happy everything. So glad Nobody led me here.

john said...

Cheers Nina
Yes it does sound like that, this place here is sheltered from the prevailing westerly wind, in the old days here people used to ride horses round the headland to Ladrum Bay but no-one has tried for a while. I've walked round to the big rock but it's tricky as it is all very slippery rocks and there is not much time between the tides, so the timing has to be just right so as not to get cut off.
Merry Christmas Nina and all the best to you and yes we are keeping well warm thanks.