Tuesday, May 12, 2009

saturdays moon


nobody said...

The first one is really interesting John. You resisted the temptation to frame the moon in the picture. Which is quite singular if you think about it. No one does that. And sure enough, it makes for quite a singular photo. And I like the second one too sure enough...

Penny said...

omg, I feel a change coming on, some strange urges.... I want to howl

ah, ah, what is happening to me ;)

nice pics John, the full moon has such a strange influence on me.

john said...

thanks nobody, you always give me such nice encouraging words and cheers Penny I am glad you enjoy the pictures.

nobody said...

Careful John! Penny might not be what she seems. If Verdi had written Rigoletto for Pen the lyrics would have been 'La donne e mobile, cambia in lupo!' Ha ha ha.

the Silverfish said...

Tee Hee I can just see it now, one full moon, one Penny and one Noshed Squab. Yep it all makes sense now, the strange foot prints in the snow, the matted hair on the sofa and the chewed up door frame. Yep it all makes sense now.

Be afraid John be very afraid, she knows your blogger addy and with her dark powers thats all she needs. So be careful when out on the moors taking those lovely pics.

Penny said...

Howling in shadows
Living in a lunar spell
He finds his heaven
Spewing from the mouth of hell

And when he finds who hes looking for
Listen in awe and youll hear him
Bark at the moon.

cue wicked laugh!

john said...

what's this? is nobody speaking in tongues? what is that stuff? we do have a chewed doorframe here, a previous owner had some big dogs so we have some gnarly old furniture too. Usually the only thing I have to watch out for round here is sliding around on the bluebells, their slippery beggers and seem determined to make me horizontal. Is that Ozzy? Right no more pictures of the moon for a bit, I'll find some pretty flowers for you all. Cheers for now m'dears.

Penny said...

was the ozzy to much?

I was going for over the top and thought that would be the way to go

John, I liked the pics, and Flowers would be nice,but whatever pleases you is ok by me!

As for nobody speaking in tongues, well what can I say?

Perhaps he is possessed? ;)

john said...

Ozzy is welcome aboard too Penny, I'll get him a nice chair.

Mind you I don't want to get folks overexcited. I have been meaning for ages to put up my photo's of ditches full of water, I find them very calming. Rather sadly I do actually have a small collection of them.

After thinking about it for a bit I don't know if I want to be in a small boat with Ozzy, he could get a bit unpredictable.

We sometimes play a simple minded game which goes like this; who would you rather be in a treehouse with: Oliver Reed or Alex Harvey? Then we state the possible benefits and downsides to each.

Oliver has some good stories but he might get drunk and want to wrestle with you and then throw you out of the tree. Alex can sing and he is entertaining but he might get bored and then invite his whole band up, theres all sorts of factors that have to be taken into account. This also works for other locations and people. The hours fly by really.

nobody said...

Alex Harvey? Talk about obscure. Can I cheat and have PJ Harvey? Phwooar.

And what fun she and I would have looking down at Olly Reed crashing about in the undergrowth, crying out for us to let down the rope ladder. "Get nicked Olly! You drank all the bloody scotch. Perhaps if you sing us 'Consider yourself' we'll 're-consider', ha ha. And the dance, mate! You gotta do the dance!"

Geez, that'd be fun wouldn't it?

john said...

Yes it would. The only trouble with having PJ Harvey is that I might get drunk and try to wrestle with her. But then again she might start getting self obsessed and maudlin. Actually I'll have to watch what I say about Polly 'cos she comes from a place in Dorset about 30 miles from here and she might nip round and duff me up.

nobody said...

John! New parlour game! 'Women you'd most like to get beaten up by'. Number one on my list would be the mighty Yuen Qui. But her aside, PJ Harvey would be right up there.

And think of the dinner party stories! "Did I ever tell you about the time I got beaten up by PJ Harvey? It was fantastic..."

john said...

Yuen Qui as the landlady? I've yet to see her fight but she looks like an arsekicker. hmmm I'll have a bit of a think and carry this on in the next posting..