Friday, January 15, 2010

The Elusive Norwegian Blue

I wake up this morning and the first news headline I see is "Angry Haitians block roads with corpses - witness" Haiti looks like a vision of Hell and I can't really imagine how bad the situation on the ground must be. Aid is coming now but Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world and I doubt it has the machinery to cope with anything of this scale. Where was the aid in the years previous to this catastrophe? It might be cynical of me and in an ideal world we would welcome the help of 10,000 American troops, but this isn't an ideal world and I do wonder exactly what so many American soldiers will be doing there.

On the ninth of December we had the mysterious Norwegian Spiral, something which has been explained in various places as being an experiment called Tequila Sunrise, using the EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Radar site) an international ionospheric research facility located in northern Norway near Tromso. This facility is recognised as being a european version of HAARP.

There is some interesting paperwork and information linked at seattle4truth youtube site, RigInt turns up some good research and there is much to be found in many other places. The stunning photos taken in Tromso facing across the harbour and looking south eastwards across the Sawback Mountains seem to point directly to the location of the Eiscat facility which coincidentally or not was in operation at this time. Sometimes "World Days" are organised which co-ordinate two or more of such global apparatus to experiment simultaneously.

The icy polar regions seem to extend their reach north and south, whilst the more central parts of the world are exposed to the sun and fire. I saw somewhere the other day that it was 30.6 degrees Celsius in Melbourne the other night combined with what appear to be unlikely temperatures in the daytime. Around here in the Southwest there has been a thaw and the temperatures are now a balmy 3 to 7 Celsius with more of our typical rain and gales on the way.

Up on the hills some snow has melted, exposing the leafy ground. I see lots of very happy birds foraging in this warm and sunny food zone. On closer examination I observe the first couple of inches of green shoots of bluebells peering through the ground amidst the snow, although Spring could be a long way off still.

It turns out that parrots could have actually existed in Norway. Dr David Waterhouse of Norwich, Norfolk, found that a fossilised wing recovered from a mine in Denmark came from a bird which belonged to the parrot family, though they became extinct 55 million years ago and are thus very much bereft of life.


the Silverfish said...

Holy shit!!! would yuh just look at all that snow. I'm impressed, I mean like how the hell do yuh manage, what with ALL THE SNOW BLINDNESS AN ALL.
God I'm just soo glad we don't have nuthin like that around here, no Siree not even close.

john said...

ha ha, yes Silverfish it wasn't an impressive amount of snow here to be sure, other places did get a bit more of dusting and our brief flakes had melted a bit by the time I skated and slid out of town to take a few pics.

Still the photos are the undeniable evidence that even this tropical paradise gets a touch o' the whitestuff...

(walks away with as much dignity as can be mustered under the circumstances)

nobody said...

sI've read a heap about Haiti and between the original genocide of the Arawak people right through to the bullshit coup against Aristide it seems it's the Haitians lot to be perpetually fucked. Those poor sons of bitches. I'd be prepared to bet everything I own that any US intervention will be perfect bullshit, another chance to take control and otherwise reduce the world's population. Honestly, that's all they've ever done: why would they change now?

john said...

There has been endless interferance in Haiti, including and right up to the recent Bush2 Govt. Aid is getting through now which is great but what happens when the media spotlight turns away from Haiti, as it soon will?

john said...

That should have read; up to and including the Obama govt, according to what I just read at aangirfan.

nobody said...

I had a thought - Haiti as New Orleans v.2 Can you dig it? It's a massive psyop experiment.

variable inputs: starvation; control of hunger, rage, envy; use of, and results of force under various above conditions; military versus mercenary; funnelling of media, reactions of media individuals, control of media message, success of media message; etc etc.

john said...

Sounds about right there. I don't really get a lot of the media blitz as I have no t.v. but I have read that the reports of violence have been over hyped. The media gets 'on message' and will repeat, as in the 911 treatment, round and round it goes enforcing the narrative.

Terrible though this disaster is, there is the awful irony that we only learn about a place after it has been destroyed. I'm not laughing here and I hope it doesn't sound inhuman but I don't think it sensible to focus all of our attention on one subject, however bad it is. Haiti has been screwed over forever and how many people gave a toss until now?

The military taking control straight away rings alarm bells for me. There could be international non military instant response units set up and ready to go for disasters, if that doesn't sound too NWO for some. A rapid response does seem important as that is when it is most needed. Just a few of my thoughts anyway.

john said...

Penny is good on the bigger picture. All America seemed to need was an excuse to pile into Haiti.

Penny said...

and they got it with the earthquake.
the opportunity they had been waiting for.

Haiti far from being always oppressed, overthrew their french occupier, threw them right on out.

A Haitian was blamed for causing witchcraft in Salem, Tituba, she was a Arawak.

Picked up as a slave (by her owner)

I am hoping they have some good voodoo for the soldiers.

Play some head games with the christian boys.

john said...

Cheers Penny.

'screwed over forever' was a sloppy way of putting it. The revolution of the 1790s is an important part of history, or at least should be. There isn't the space here to get into the whole length of Haitian history but I notice bankers entering into the picture in about 1910.

Thanks for the link, that is a part of the Salem history that I missed completely. Fascinating how it reached all the way into the Governors household and beyond, sending out ripples and that she also managed to get herself out ok.

I'm not supposed to be drinking but I will propose a toast... to Tituba!

Penny said...

I think the Haitian overthrow of the french is rarely mentioned because what does it say to the masses and the Ptb's.

It says masses: you can toss your oppressor, if you stick together
ptb's: you can be tossed out on you asses anytime the masses decide to unite against you.

It is quite the message, really.

Yeah, the Tituba bit is quite interesting, that this one gal began all the hysteria, which speaks again to the power of one, doesn't it?

Somehow I think all the powerful lessons of history get swept under the rug.

I'll have a drink to Tituba with you, but, it'll just be the morning coffee.
To Tituba!

nina said...

John, you are extremely good at photography.

And ... I don't think the people have any idea how far along technology is and is moving father all the time.

john said...

Cheers Penny

All good lessons of history to learn.

It took me a while to work out exactly what was happening on Haiti but I think it's looking fairly clear now. The numbers of dead are huge and the other day, when seeing somebody rescued, I thought that there must be many more survivors still buried there.

Getting the bars and the wi-fi access sorted out didn't really look like that high a priority to me. Is the distribution of basic aid really so difficult as to be this slow? it would seem unlikely.

john said...

Cheers Nina and thanks.

I was walking high up in the woods a couple of years ago where it is very quiet and I heard a far off and massive series of explosions.

There were coming from a very long way out at sea and I could tell from the sound that they must be something very big.

A couple of days later lots of dolphins stranded themselves up a river down the coast a way.

Firstly the navy denied that they had done anything that might have disturbed the dolphins but about a week later admitted that international tests had been carried out to do with some sort of sonar experiment though they still denied any link to the dolphins behavior.

There is a huge amount of money that goes into the funding of research and development of weapons, a lot of them made in this country which still delights in arms fairs and the like. The money must be tempting but I wouldn't fancy it, far better off being skint. Not that I can develop anything anyway. The navy wouldn't want me either, though I always fancied being Chief Purser. I like pursing.

john said...

Coming soon. Pictures of beech trees from last Autumn.