Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beaches in Autumn and Winter

The first four photos are from a nice big storm that we had last November. Lots of people come out to enjoy the spectacle, many cameras appear and also a few people who like to play chicken with the waves, not the safest of pastimes.

The next few photos are some of the coast with a rare covering of snow, something that doesn't happen this close to the sea very often so well worth getting a few photographs of it.

The last are of the coast with some very low cloud. Sometimes it is difficult to say whether it is fog or cloud if you happen to be standing in it at the top of a hill. In the photos here it is low cloud.


Penny said...

I love the third and fourth ones.

The power in the water crashing into the, is it a breakwall there?
Or a walkway? And a viewing platform?

Well ya know, waves crashing into whatever that exactly is?

From the pictures you really get a sense of the power in the wave, and that is what I am on about..

I also like the last one, it is sort of sombre...

Oh, and I am glad you got the book, btw.

We are being inundated with Olympics crap endlessly... drives me batty.
Be proud Canada, stand tall Canada, Canadians get out a shout.
While the Canadian government acts like tyrants,despots and pawns, and everyone is supposed to cheer on sports games as if it means something important?
It is insane.

the Silverfish said...

Nice pics John as per N. Not too much fer beaches around here this time of year, although as soon as the spring thaw hits there will be beaches and shoreline aplenty.

I'll try to make it down to the river when it happens to get some pics. The river that runs through my land is about 1/2 mile from the nest but in spring when the ice starts to move you can hear the ice flows grinding and smashing into each other even in the house. it's amazing to see chunks of ice the size of large houses being picked up by the river and then smashed back down again. 24 hours a day it sounds like thunder in the distance. When the ice jams and forms a dam the river simply finds a new route. During the spring of 97 the river moved moved 1/4 mile east of where it had been, makes it a bit of a bugger building a bridge when the river plays by it's own rules.

john said...

Cheers Penny and thanks

It is a breakwall and a large ladder, a feature of the town of Sidmouth called Jacobs Ladder and which in true english style we can use to ascend to the gardens and tea shop above.

Isn't your government rogued or rogered or something? I'm not quite sure what the term means. Have they been caught doing something wrong and are being treated as rogues? Are they pro-rogue as in they think it's a good thing? Our govt never mentions the possibility of rogueing us though we are of course systematically rogered by them.

On a more serious note the whole Colonel Russell Williams business is sounding like something Dave McGowan writes about and all sounds bloody awful.

Luckily I don't have a tv so the Olympics don't really exist for me unless I look for them, which I don't. I suppose we have all that to look forward to here, unless we don't have any money to pay for it by then, which is looking increasingly likely.

I always thought it would be better if the Olympics were held in Greece at the same stadium every four years, though I'm probably missing the point of something here.

I always fancied winning an Olympic medal though and then I could stand on a podium and give the black power salute, though with me being white it probably wouldn't have the same significance I suppose.. I'll shut up now.

john said...

Cheers and thanks Silverfish

It sounds as if spring arrives in a very dramatic fashion there where you are. I should imagine that it must be a wonderful sound as well as a spectacle to observe. What drama nature delivers when awoken again, it does sound like something from The Rites of Spring.

Our springs here are mostly shrouded in fogs and rain with the drama being delivered by the re-emergence of leaf, flower and colour as we stumble into the outside world and squint at the unusual bright thing that appears in the sky momentarily before the clouds inevitably roll back in again. Something to look forward to after five or six months of darkness.

I hope you get some pictures of the ice and the river Silverfish, it sounds well good.

su said...

Once again beautiful.
I like the first one with that brilliant red rock - it really spoke to me.

queenofthenile said...

I love that first one with the red cliff too. Looks very much the colour of Uluru (from the photos I've seen of that). Wonderful fury in the water. Lovely photos!

john said...

Cheers Su and thanks

I have a whole sequence of those where the sun suddenly came out for just a few moments and swept right along all the cliffs lighting them up in sequence and then disappeared again. I was tempted to put them all up but thought against it in the end. It's not always easy to choose which ones to put up.

john said...

Thanks and cheers Queenofthenile

Yes I've seen photos of Uluru too, it looks like quite a place. There is much in Australia that I would like to see. Another place is the Olgas, I think.

After much umming and ahhing I downloaded google earth after I wiped my hardrive recently. I haven't had it for a couple of years because I spent so much time on it pottering about the world, following the Nile to its source that sort of thing. Australia was one of the first places I went to recently.

The massive interior looks so interesting and so colourful and has so many interesting features. I love the look of deserts and would love to explore one.

nobody said...

Hullo John,

I've been a bit weirded out lately by my library or blogger or somebody censoring every other pic on all the blogs I visit. And just now it stopped! I can see everything! Weird. So I'm all excited to catch your photes here. Marvellous. The red ocean - it's mad isn't it? Quite singular I'm thinking.

Otherwise I'm always struck by a vibe of ancientness in your photes. That one of two people (even though they're in modern clothes) walking on the snow-dusted beach just feels like a thousand years ago. Very nice.

john said...

Cheers there Nobody

Random censoring of pictures? is it design or just entropy playing itself out eh? Bloody computers.

The storms are always good here and we all appreciate the powerful show of nature. The two figures are my good friends The Maid and our friend from Tonga, over for a while before heading off back round the world. I'll try and persuade them to dress up in rags next time, it'll make a nice phote.

I had a bit of good news today in that we get to see some other shores soon, well not too different, in that it's cliffs and coves further down the coast on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall in a months time. It's one of the prettiest parts of Cornwall and the coast is superb, I expect there will be plenty of photos and quite a bit of history.

It's the second to last lumpy bit from the end in geographical terms and the most southerly. Not where The Straw Dogs was filmed, that's the last lumpy bit right at the end.

nobody said...

Well, whatever you do don't mention Dustin Hoffman. They hate him down there. And quite right too - he's dreadful.

john said...

I'm hoping for welcoming signs such as you get in Exmoor 'welcome to Lorna Doone Country' At the end of Cornwall they could have 'Welcome to Straw Dogs Country' you'd be sure of a warm welcome.

Anonymous said...


john said...

Cheers Monique and thank you very much, I hope that you enjoy my photographs.

john said...

Falling Debt Dynamite Dominoes, The Coming Financial Catastrophe
By: Andrew_G_Marshall

When the crisis is over, the middle classes of the western world will have been liquidated of their economic, political and social status. The global economy will have gone through the greatest consolidation of industry and banking in world history leading to a system in which only a few corporations and banks control the global economy and its resources; governments will have lost that right. The people of the western world will be treated by the financial oligarchs as they have treated the ‘global South’ and in particular, Africa; they will remove our social structures and foundations so that we become entirely subservient to their dominance over the economic and political structures of our society.

This is where we stand today, and is the road on which we travel.

The western world has been plundered into poverty, a process long underway, but with the unfolding of the crisis, will be rapidly accelerated. As our societies collapse in on themselves, the governments will protect the banks and multinationals. When the people go out into the streets, as they invariably do and will, the government will not come to their aid, but will come with police and military forces to crush the protests and oppress the people. The social foundations will collapse with the economy, and the state will clamp down to prevent the people from constructing a new one.

The road to recovery is far from here. When the crisis has come to an end, the world we know will have changed dramatically. No one ever grows up in the world they were born into; everything is always changing. Now is no exception. The only difference is, that we are about to go through the most rapid changes the world has seen thus far.

Right I'm off for a walk then.

nobody said...

Thanks for that John.

Is that weird saying 'thank you' for such depressing news. Whatever...

Anyway the good news is that all sorts of things can be burnt with fire. Petrol bombs are cheap and easy to make. If anyone wants to see some truly marvellous petrol bomb throwing, may I recommend a Korean movie called 'The Host'. Never mind that, it's a great flick regardless. Excellent soundtrack.

john said...

Thanks Nobody

Not exactly cheery stuff is it? I get a lot of my financial news from the World Press Network Forum which is linked on my front page under the title: The Accelerating World Financial Crises. It is a good source of daily writing from across the internet.

Cheers for the film tip. I'll have a watch of that later if I can find it. Interesting stuff fire. I think we are in for quite a summer this year; July August and September, although it seems to be water that is the one to watch out for.

Penny said...

Hey John, yes the government is prorogued, they did it themselves..
and yeah they are rogues, but, they prorogued so they would have more time to explain to Canadians about their 'economic plan'.
Yeah sure.

omg, the colonel russel thing, does sound exactly like some Dave McGowan saga!
His case is remanded until March 25th.
And the weirdest part is the connection to Paul Bernardo!
Authorities are saying it is just a coincidence.

I have a bit of trouble with that.
One thing that bothered me, was the profile done on the scarborough rapist, which they said was bernardo, sounds more like colonel williams.
Bernardo was a party boy and had his friend vansmirnis along for many a sordid adventure.
But williams has always been described as a lone wolf, distant, estranged from his family etc.,
It is just odd.
really odd.
oh and btw, andrew g marshall, I am a big fan.
so I gotta check that out.

john said...

Cheers Penny

Yes it is odd that one. Will keep an eye out for what develops there.

The Andrew G Marshall piece is very good. It is a long read but well worth it I think.

Penny said...

Hey John!

yes, AGM's article was a long read, and yes it was very, very good.

I printed it up, to read it all.
Then read it to my husband.
There is alot of food for thought there, and it is really relevant to what is going on.

Thanks for pointing it out!

john said...

Hi Penny

Thanks! He covers a lot of ground and we get to see some of how we got to where we are. There's been plenty of all sorts going on lately, I have trouble keeping up.

I'm really late with a blog posting. Soon hopefully, I like to see newer photos when I sign in.

It's fog photos again and I get something half written and then ditch it. This time I have a story of local smugglers in the 18th Century and something about fluoride and the calcification of the pineal gland. Fluoride naturalnews I'm not sure if I can find a connection yet. Cheers for now.

Penny said...

The pineal gland and 2012, spiritual prophecy, travellers to the new world, smugglers in the 18th century, pillaging the mayan temples?

Hell, I tried.
and it was fun

john said...

Excellent! Thanks for that Penny. So now our work here is done!