Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing Volcanic Ash Red Sunset Photos

Volcanic ash from the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano spread quickly across the UK sky, turning our normally lame sunsets an unusual dark red hue, a sight not seen in this country since the Krakatoa eruption of 1883. The above photo perfectly illustrates the massive difference that the volcanic ash made to our skies. Or at least it would do if I had taken this photo in April but unfortunately for the official narrative I took this picture in January, well before the eruption and subsequent phony ash cloud story.

I was enjoying the sky being clear of jet aircraft so much that I didn't doubt the official story until the Daily Mail had to overdo it and publish this on the 16th of April. Spectacular-sunsets-blue-moons-dirty-cars--volcano In which they describe the spectacular red sunsets seen all across the UK on the previous night. That was the moment when I started to have some serious doubts because I had been out looking at these wonderful skies, clear of jets alright, but the one remarkable thing about the sky and the sunsets was how blue they had been.

Below is a panoramic picture, stitched together from photos taken on the evening of the 16th of April of a spread of about 180 degrees. As you might be able to see, the sky is very blue, with a little hint of yellow at the bottom. If anyone is interested in sunsets you may have noticed how often all the really colourful stuff happens after the sun has gone down.

It is typical of the UK's weather not to play ball. Usually at this time of year it should be cloudy and rainy, with the odd bit of red sunset, but right across the whole period the skies were abnormally clear and blue. How very inconvenient, but it doesn't stop the Daily Mail printing a really bullshit story and thus alerting anyone with eyes that something was amiss with the official version. Thanks Daily Mail!

The dangerous ash cloud lingers on somehow and air traffic is still affected in the north sometimes even though when I looked at this site at the appropriate time the cloud was vaguely blowing in our direction but still looked a long way away. Other nice satellite photos can be found here Dundee Satellite Receiving Station but you do have to sign up a bit.

In the above blue sunset photo we did have a little discussion about the nature of the small cloud to the very right. Bonfire of some sort? Starlings flocking perhaps? No, I remembered that my charming assistant of the evening, Miss Boo, had been sat on the bench next to me puffing a nice big cigarette. Mystery solved. I also learned that just because I like a story and find the effects agreeable it doesn't always make it right either.


nobody said...

Ha, I wonder if anyone commented in the Mail about how dead ordinary their 'amazing' sunset pictures were? It's not like it wasn't obvious.

john said...

I would have commented there myself nobody but I got banned quite a long time ago and my comments just disappear, however innocuous they are. The same thing happened at YouTube, so much for freedom of speech.

I know of someone else who cannot navigate around YouTube as it just freezes on them. They reckon that it wasn't commenting but just viewing too many politically inappropriate videos.

nobody said...

The problem with getting banned from youtube is that you don't even get to make a scene when they do it. You're just shut out without a word.

Hmm... sounds like a working definition of the coming new world order thingy, wouldn't you say?

john said...

Yes I would. Another example that you might already know of is on David Thornes website protecting the community which was a bit much considering that what he'd written was obviously a joke.

I wonder if our voices here may fade and vanish bit by bit, maybe a site here and there or just by blocking your IP thingy number.

Gotta go! The Maids come back from one of her meetings.

john said...

Oops haha, Craig Murrays just found the Stephen Harper and John Howard Video. Craig seems a bit surprised!

john said...

The other thing that I forgot to mention was that Eyjafjallajökull has an angry sister, the much larger Katla which often erupts after Eyjafjallajökull has got going.

Maybe we haven't seen it all yet.

Airports are closing down again today and the air here yesterday was again as clear looking as it gets. I scratch my head.

nina said...

Asking forgiveness for being late. Now fellas, this is the first I've heard of this ash cloud story being fairy tales. Yes, I can see your photo before the clouds and later panorama so obviously what you suggest is true. I don't get it though, why spread tales, why shut down air travel for nothing?
Thank you.