Sunday, July 04, 2010

Serfs Up!

In amongst the disturbing video's of fizzing and bubbling seas on Pensacola Beach and the strange earthquake warning signs or Haarp signatures of these lights in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico, G20 black bloc agent provocateurs doing the usual "left alone by the police" photo opps before the cops move in and arrest lots of peaceful protesters and unfortunates out on the streets of Toronto, footage of everything from sea birds to dragon flies covered in oil and various other terrible things going on round the world, news hasn't been very cheery of late, as I expect everybody has noticed.

Regarding the black bloc, I do wonder what the police would do if the peaceful protesters became not so peaceful and actually turned on the black bloc and started beating them up, would they wade in to help the black bloc? Who knows? They always seemed to give the BNP plenty of protection to march up and down, but it might be an interesting experiment if it wasn't a bit illegal.

Meanwhile the sun comes up and goes down as the summer weaves it's lazy course like the river that I can't manage to reach because it goes through some posh peoples private land. I met an old man who asked me about the possibility of following this gentle river and I had to disappoint him by explaining that it wasn't possible. Is a nice tiny footpath on some of the only flat land around, perfect for old folk to walk upon too much to ask? Apparently so.

Land, land, we are surrounded by land, most of it just used for grazing, but can we have a little bit to live on sir? Not really because you're not allowed to build on it and you can't afford to buy it anyway. Land prices around here vary a bit but a quick check reveals these prices; One acre near Kingsbridge with no planning permission £20,000 (US$30,000). Three acres near Stodleigh with no planning permission £45,000 (US$68,000). As Mr. Deek might say; "Greetings landless peasant scum" and lets hope it stays this way, God help the status quo if we could actually have a patch of our own country to live on, where would it all end?

Well The Diggers tried it on common land and look what happened to them, honestly! What an idiotic idea, the stupid bastards. The common land around here has the army running up and down on it, practicing killing people and leaving their shit lying around all over the place.

Down here we had The Enclosures and up north they had The Highland Clearances which is how we get to where we are today where people like the Duke of Buccleuch, the largest landowner in Britain owns 270,000 acres, spanning parts of Scotland and England. The Ministry of Defence owns 240,000 acres though they still insist on arsing about on common land. I'm not having a pop at landowners, well I am a bit, but not Dr. Fish 'cos he's nice and he lives in a big country, but this is a small country with a large population. It's my own fault for being such a povvy bastard anyway.

Well that's enough of my moaning for now and certainly enough history for the present.


john said...

This is blog post number 150, a milstone of some sort.

nobody said...

Um, let's hope it's not around your neck John, koff koff.

Otherwise onya mate, that was marvellous. Every photo a winner and the copy a treat to read.

Good thinking on the blac bloc. How about this - three man teams called crash-tackle squads. The aim - crash tackle a blac bloccer and fish out his/her ID. Put in into google see who we get. In the absence of an ID take a photo. Catch and release, done.

And all with fair warning sure enough. A notice is sent to all the main sites saying, 'Given that the secret police are slated to be here and yet no one has caught sight of anyone resembling them apart from you; given that they've been caught red-handed doing precisely what you've been doing; given that you seem to pull your shit utterly unmolested every fucking time all the while providing an excuse for cops to crack the heads of peaceful protesters: the following actions will be implemented. (cue description of crash tackle squads) No bleating, you have been warned.

Wouldn't that be fun?

john said...

Blimey! Nice one nobody, that really is a good idea, all it needs to do is circulate itself and like all good ideas it should get itself moving. It's a lot better than my idea of beating people up.

The thing is the MO of black bloc has now been recognised so it's up to the peaceful protesters to counteract them, they must take the responsibility. I know of certain people who if an individual starts getting aggressive at a demo will just call them out as police straight away so that they either have to modify their behaviour, go away or be thought as police.

Well onwards and outwards.

nobody said...

Hullo John, is it just me, or has my previous comment disappeared? This is almost like some kind of spooky time travel ripple effect.

How could this possibly be connected to me switching comment moderation off on the church blog? It was weird enough that that trashed all the comments there but then it got weirder when comments were disappearing/reappearing at the haiku blog. A real brain bender, and now it's here at your blog for chrissakes. Where's the logic in it?

Unless this is some internet-wide phenomenon?

Or maybe we've stepped into a Phillip K Dick novel?

Or someone in at Blogger is having a good laugh?

Absolutely flummoxed, me.

nobody said...

Hey John, just back from Pen's and there was Aangirfan explaining to Buff that blogger is playing up at the moment and disappearing comments randomly from everyone's blog.

I was going to say that it's good to know that I'm not going mad but truth is I'd been taking a certain perverse pleasure in it given that it explained so many other things. Never mind.

john said...

Everything appears normal here nobody. Well blogger wise anyhow. If it would explain other things and now doesn't we'll have to look for other explanations.

At the moment we have a gunman at large again. The story today is that when packing his bag before going to ground in the countryside he remembered to take some stationary so that he could write a letter to leave for the police to find in his makeshift camp. I'm not saying it's impossible but a pad of Basildon Bond and some envelopes wouldn't be that high on my list of priorities at such a time.

I think we may have stepped into a Philip K Dick novel quite some time ago nobody.

Isn't AnnGirfan supposed to be on holiday? Everyone needs a bit of time off. Aangifan, if you're out there reading this(seem's highly unlikely) get off the internet, get yourself a nice drink and go and sit by the pool for a bit, you have earned it.

nobody said...

My comment is back again now John. That's what blogger has been doing. Anyway I'm sure they were inundated with howls of protest and have fixed it by now.

As for Aangirfan, that's what I told him. But did he listen? Nooooo...

the Silverfish said...

John, Christ all mighty, £45,000 an acre? I bought my 5000 acres for less than that, mind you it's just all bush and valley not much good for anything cept deer and cattle with the occasional moose and such. I did however pay some $250,000 for the topside ten acres that we call the yard but that includes the house.

Speaking of the yard, a Lady Elk has moved in with two youngens and taken up residence in my north pasture some 300 feet from the house. She's a Grand lass as big as a horse but gentle with no fear. There's very few elk in these parts and she must have been driven from her herd by wolves or somesuch, or maybe she just heard that the Swallow's Nest was a nice safe place to raise her family, either way I'm so glad that she's here and she and her children are welcome to become part of the extended family here at the nest. I do so hope that she stays, I'd even find room in the barn for the winter if thats what she wanted but somehow I don't think that will happen. We've named her "Grace"

Haven't been around much, been spending a fair amount of time out on the boat and at the cottage, I do drop by your blog but it's a real pain in the ass leaving comments using a little itsy bitsy cell phone with it's little itsy bitsy keypad yuh know, besides my eye's ain't what they used to be and my fingers are too goddamn fat. The rest of me is rather svelte but my fingers are fat go figure. However now I'm back home at the Nest for a few weeks getting some work done so I will pop by again.

Take care John and be well, talk at yuh soon.
Word verification"midwoods" sounds like a nice place Huh.

john said...

Cheers nobody. I'm glad the blogger business is sorted. I don't know, I go to bed for a few hours and miss all the excitement.

I hope they have all gone somewhere nice for their holidays and that they all have a good time.

john said...

Hi Siverfish, it's always nice to hear from you.

I think it was £45,000 for three acres but it is still horribly expensive, at least that's how it appears to me. I was interested to find out how much land costs in other peoples countries as I did think that it might be considerably cheaper than what we have. I did try saving some money up once to try and get some but I just watched it get more expensive so it remains a tantalising prospect, forever out of reach somehow.

Great that you have had an Elk turn up and that you have made her and her young welcome. You seem to have quite a large family there and it is nice to hear about these things.

I know what you mean about those little tiny keys on the phones. My dad has enormous hands and he can't use the things. I on the other hand have tiny artistic hands suitable for playing the guitar and my other artistic tendencies but rubbish when I keep hitting them with hammers etc. Still that's what we've got and there's nothing I can do about it really.

Cheers for now and hope your enjoying your summer Silverfish.

the Silverfish said...

Hey Ho John, said I'd be back. Just today I got the 100 acres of alfalfa which I had cut the other day baled up and ready to bring to the barn. It's really the only farming that I do, yuh know feed for my two Jersey cows, the buffalo and of course the deer. The Moose can fend for themselves, cos their such assholes, tearing up my fences an all

With all of the rain and heat that we have been getting here this year I expect to get a very good second and third cut. It's a nice feeling to have more than enough feed. 120, 2000 pound bales for the first cut, not bad and with the second and third cut the quality goes up, weather

I brought back one bale for the Lady Elk and put it in the back pasture for her, Yuh know so that she doesn't have to walk so far to get to the alfalfa field, which is across the road from where she is nesting. Her kids sure do put up a racket when she leaves them to feed and if there is one thing that I can't stand is screaming kids, whatever kind, so I just do my part to keep the noise level down.

The garden is coming along wonderfully, heat and rain, thats the ticket and god have we gotten rain, damn near every other day a major rain of at least an inch or so. most of the farmers haven't gotten their crops in because of the wet, but such is life.

So soon it will be canning season with peas, beans,carrots , corn and all of the other goodies to put up for the winter, I guess I will have to put a whip to Skye's ass and have her get all of the jars and such ready soon. It's a lot of work but it really is worth it in the long run. Good wholesome food with NO added preservatives. I do so pity folks who can't grow their own food, seems that it should be everyones right to do so but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case, mind you in many cases even if they have they opportunity many people are just to damn lazy to do so. I see it here all of the time, people with huge great yards and no garden, preferring instead to go to the store and buy the poisoned crap that they sell there and then bitch about the cost of food.Sad really.

On a side note, you mentioned that you have small hands, so I would take it that you are also small in stature, if so I envy you as my 6'5" 280 pound frame dose not lend
itself to fine work like playing a guitar, everything seems so small, built for pygmy's as it were. Back before I retired the standing joke in the lab where I worked was The Hulk at the scope, it gets tiresome. The upside was that if they got too annoying I could between forefinger and thumb squash them like a bug, this is something that I kept reminding my co workers of.

By the way, the names of my Jersey cows are Shits and Giggles, two lovely girls with an attitude.

Anyhoos I said that I would be back and so I was.
Again John take care and be well.
and nice pics AGAIN.

su said...

nice one john

su said...


2 cows are on my shopping list as well as a bee hive.
my 9 year old daughter has decided on beekeeping for her livelihood.

john said...

Thanks Sliverfish and Su

As far as wildlife is concerned the most interesting animal to turn up around here was a sperm whale on 28th June just along the coast at Torbay. This is very rare and sperm whales haven't been seen here since records began in 1840.

We have had one long dry summer so far, though that pattern has just been broken as the fog rolled in and it has rained for the first time in what seems ages.

A bee hive is an excellent thing Su, it is good to hear your daughter is interested in beekeeping, a very worthwhile endeavour.

cheers for now

nobody said...

Yeah, beekeeping - super impressed me. I've often wondered about doing it myself. I look forward to the pix going up over at your place Su.

john said...

Cheers nobody. I have been recommended this site for beekeping information. It is more about looking after bees rather than exploiting them. There is a link on the front page to a free PDF of plans to build a top bar hive and all sorts of information here.

Biobees - The Barefoot Beekeeper

nobody said...


Penny said...

hey john!

saw you popped in at my blog.
Well I won't bore you with lifes ups and downs, I can do that at my place.

regarding twitter?
The G20 coverage was skewed in such a way to focus soley on the destruction caused by the 'anarchists', while the police stood around and allowed it to happen.

Any and all mention of these reports that were being tweeted were virtually ignored by msm, and only picked up via alternative media.

And here is where twitter gets funky, recall when the undercovers were trying to foment overthrow in Iran. The msm was all agog about the 'twitter revolution' in Iran.

but for the G20 there was no mention of any twitter revolution of the sort.

So my thinking is take your cue regarding twitter from the way msm reacts to it.

If there covering it, such as in the case of Iran, think bogus psyop.
If there ignoring it as in the case of the g20, still think bogus psyop.

Because what get's tweeted is not the issue, it is what and how it get's covered by the main stream media that is!

Hoping my tired brain is making sense there?

OH john as always great pics!

john said...

Cheers and thanks Penny. I hope all is going well where you are.

Yes you're making perfect sense there. I have been wondering about the almost relentless promotion of twitter here,in that maybe it's also another way of tracking people and another source of data to mine as to how people are reacting to ongoing situations.

People are a bit trusting of these things but it is worth remembering that none of these tweets are private and I am sure it all would get recorded somewhere.

cheers for now