Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a spring driven thing

Spring is here and the land becomes green and covered with flowers. I watch ants and bees at work, doing what they have always done and I see a skylark singing, floating above this beautiful blue morning. The view out here is so quiet and peaceful, with just the song of birds and the living hum of insects. Who would think to look at it that it is now covered with a deadly and invisible radiation? An invisible pollution to go with the electro magnetic pollution and all the other awful stuff that we have covered the planet with, and almost none of it visible.

The world becomes increasingly radioactive in what is starting to appear as a great war to pollute the environment and poison the future. In a search to see how we can protect ourselves from such stuff I have come across so many pieces of advice that it even seems a high salt diet complemented with lots of fag smoking might be a good idea at the moment. This is obviously more than a bit daft.

I was working outside when Chenobyl went down and seeing which way the wind and rain were blowing and the government advice that everything was fine, wondered what I might be able to do to protect myself. Not having much access to information I pulled my hat further over my face and carried on digging holes in the ground.

There seems to be a lot of cancer around these days and it could well be that our poisoned environment is now killing us. I remember reading an article about the examination of ancient egyptian mummies for traces of cancer and that only a very negligible amount of tumourous cells had been discovered, which led me to think that perhaps cancer is pretty much a modern invention, though I would be happy to be wrong about this.

Like a lot of people I was always against nuclear power and nuclear armaments. We protested and were derided and ignored as much as possible and nuclear power and the arms industry went on their merry way with the great help of the governments, whichever left or right position they pretended to be and all of it subsidised by the taxpayer, so that we payed for the privilage of being poisoned and poisoning the rest of the world. Our elected representatives? In what way have our interests ever been represented by these people? I think of all the money and the notion of 'I'll be gone, you'll be gone' and people like Warren Anderson and plenty of others.

The first five photographs were taken a week or two before the following photos and show the way that the woodland changes so rapidly at this time of year. Already they need updating as spring is swift here even though it has been very dry. At the moment the woodland is half in leaf and half bare still, though that is changing rapidly. The wild flower in photo five is Honesty, which is in short supply in many places these days.

Keep up the good work you lot and all the best to you wherever you are.


john said...

All that grassy looking stuff in the woods is actually all bluebells, in flower in the gardens now and probably on the hills too.

nobody said...

Hullo John,

In some ways I feel privileged to be in Australia. We're all very far from where all that Northern Hemisphere radiation is. Mind you, I expect it will reach us eventually but as less rather than more. Anyway, I'm heading to Tasmania, as far away from everything as I can get.

You know what I find curious - Japan was actually nuked with two atom bombs but people still live in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But when a single power plant comes a cropper entire regions become uninhabitable forever. I suppose that that's connected with the amounts of uranium/plutonium involved. Bombs - very little. Nuclear plants - sodding great amounts. Just a guess.

john said...

Hullo there nobody

Yes the radiation spreads everywhere eventually, adding to the already toxic environment that we live in. The nuclear plants really do seem to be a major problem. I think they're rubbish, the whole business, though I do remain fairly cheery most of the time as being down about it all doesn't make any difference to the situation.

Tasmania should be sensational by the look of it, it seems to have the lot, with plenty of exploration to do. maybe even wonderful birdlife, I don't know really but it looks good.

Thanks for the comment. I hope it's all going good with your increasing and impending freedom.

cheers for now...going back out into this strangely summery hotness.

reem said...

Hi John ,it seems nice spring there ,i can imagine the warm sunlight , it steals into the ground through the branchs,and how much interesting to walk across new grass and picking up some flowers ,this is the beauty of spring ,new beginning and much hope .It's very cute dog ,i guess it's Casper .

Wherever we go ,we will hear and see sufferance and patients and of cours it's cancer .I think Iran ,Pakistan, Indea ,and Israil ,they're just like a timed bombs ,nuclear energy or weapon ,this is terrible thing for people.

How silly i am ,i have to stop talking about that and enjoy your photos ,hope healthy life for you ,oh ,i'm afraid of cancer ,i don't want to die ,not now .

Anyway ,again thanks for these photos ,hopefully good time for you always.

john said...

Cheers Reem and choukrat

It is very beautiful to see all the new growth coming up. i go outside at night and straight away I can smell the Jasmine and Honeysuckle and it certainly does smell like honey, it is very nice.

yes that is Casper, not my dog but a friends, he is a very cute dog. I was sitting up in the woods as my friend was pottering about picking a few things and Casper comes over and leans against me to sit. It is nice to be trusted by an animal.

I do wish we could get rid of all the nuclear stuff, weapons and power stations. It is too dangerous and anti life and the worst of it is that everything appears as normal. The pollution from fukushima will have terrible consequences for health around the world and all of this is covered up and there is also the evil of depleted uranium, something which should be banned everywhere. It makes me angry but that does no good and does not help.

I hope all is good where you are Reem. All the best to you.

john said...

whoops. I meant choukran not choukrat. ha! it's only one word and I can't get that right.

john said...

I recorded some new guitar tunes today to put up. It's surprising how much can go wrong or distract when recording sometimes. Phone ringing, seagulls going ape, people tapping on the window, vans scraping into fences, annoying buzzing sounds appearing. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever get done.

This was recording a very difficult tune written by Pierre Bensusan, it's odd that none of these things happened when I was recording the tune I had written myself and another traditional tune.

Actually PB's tunes are very difficult, mine are a lot easier, maybe I shouldn't try to play his and just leave him to it.

I have been listening to his album Musiques since just after it came out in 1979 and it is the album of his that I still really love, to me it is perfect.

So I always wondered what it would be like to play some of the tunes. It turns out that they are really bloody hard! It's even more annoying that he was only about 22 when he recorded this album. We can only dream of such things.

reem said...

Hi,John ,

Jasmine it's the most famous and favorite rose in Damascus ,it means peace and beauty of the old city,i like its smell and the white colour ,mybe it's red these days just as blood.

Actually becouse the bloody situation in the midlle east ,we didn't find enough time to think very well about the Fukushima's nuclear disaster , i think all the governments everywhere want to cover the real events ,and this makes people angry ,it's 25 years since Chenopyl disaster too and the world didn't learn much ,still working to have more nuclear weapons ,thet's crazy thing.

I do many mistakes too ,i get help from my dictionary manytimes ,so ,i mean i'm not very good in english ,but i get very well day after day ,i've learned much from your writting so thanks to give me this chance .

I'm waiting for your new tune, all the best for you .

reem said...

Pierre Bensusan ,he's nice player guitar .

Anon said...

I like that dog.


john said...

Hi Reem. Yes the situation across the middle east has taken a lot of all of our attention lately, it is horrible to see the violence and the situation is confusing and rapidly changing, I hope for all the best for them but it's a very difficult and troubling time.

It is shameful the amount of weapons that the UK sells around the world and it is responsible for many problems. A local MP Ben Bradshaw was once asked why the UK sells so many weapons and he answered that "If we didn't do it somebody else would" not much of an argument really.

The news of what's happening in Fukushima is very slight here and the nuclear industry is promoted to the point of absurdity.
I think you do fine on the english language. You should hear my French, it's appalling.

cheers for now

john said...

Cheers Aangirfan. I like that dog too. I'm more of a cat person really but very much enjoy the company of dogs, they have such good qualities.

I have been reading at your place for a long time now and usually pop by every day or so though I don't comment a lot anywhere much and tend to only if I notice something that hasn't been pointed out by anybody else yet. Hopefully it's of some help even if only in a small way. All that stuff about elite paedophiles scared the crap out of me and the world often seems to turn out to be a nastier place than I thought. Thanks and cheers for now.