Thursday, October 20, 2011

some more from the bus

Just a quick posting of some photos taken back in the summer that I haven't had time to put up before now. These were taken on a bus trip to Okehampton for a walk I had planned and show Dartmoor in the background. The three peaks are at Belstone, where I took last years' tor photographs, and the large round hill is what used to be known as Cowsand Beacon and which is now called Cosdon Hill for some reason.


nobody said...

Hullo John, the fourth pic there is just busting to be made into a painting - just for the curves and the shapes. Fauvist, Expressionist, you could get quite silly with it if you wanted to.

It's getting hot here now. T-shirts today.

john said...

Cheers Nobody. That's a good idea, I haven't done any painting for ages and am beginning to get the urge again now. Painting anything seems to take a long time, but it's an absorbing thing to do.

Just as the year is fading here the weather warms up where you are. It should b an interesting summer for you. How's the van going? Any updates always welcome.

john said...

The haiku cow picture is a stumper. Mind you it doesn't take much to stump me.

nobody said...

Ha ha, the cow is gone. And it was a stumper. I tend to pick the pix, post them, and then try to figure out a haiku. Which is silly really but there you are. And I have a feeling this one is a stumper too. I don't know... it's off to a slow start at any rate.

As for the van, to be honest I haven't started. I figured since I have to sell the old man's hatchback, I'd fix up the scrapes he put in it to shut up any quibblers. Also what with having done a lot of spray-painting it's sort of the easy option for me. Also I want to sell the car as quickly as possible in case the arse falls out of the economy with everyone trying to sell their car.

Hopefully I'll be done with that by Tuesday and then I drive the van to Sydney to check out the fitting-out suppliers. Then I'll be in amongst it good and proper. I'll also have to fetch my router from Ledge's place since that's how I'm going to build my bed.

And yes, it's starting to get hot here. I'm currently shirtless and back in my Thai fisherman's pants. I'm already thinking I'll need to contrive a fly-cover for the roof of the van - the sun is brutal already.

john said...

I've seen plenty of cars for sale here, more than there used to be. I notice the amount for sale parked in the streets. It sounds like you've got plenty to do there and a fair bit of travelling too. It's nice to be out and about.

We had a pretty good summer weather wise, not enough rain. It's still warm here, last year it was cold by this time of year. Tonight we have a lovely gale with force 8 winds and plenty of rain coming. It'll be floods tomorrow.

That was one of the things we were wondering about van living in Aus. How do keep cool in the sun and how do you keep warm at night? Isn't it a bit deserty in places? would that make it cold at night?