Thursday, January 19, 2012

winter sunset 2


john said...

Date Picture Taken 15/01/2012 17:00

nina said...

John, these are archetypal images of what we dream the world really is.


Anonymous said...


Ah, but it is if you happen to live in this beautiful part of East Devon

A13 said...

So far away, but so close in spirit..
The sea and the sky morph between worlds and languages, between cultures and experiences, between what is and what might have been.
thanks for reminding us of what that is in it's own the radiohead song, everything in it's right place:

Listening to this while enjoying your images.

Cheers A

Anonymous said...

touching lifting
leaping turning
reaching finding
flying yearning
brushing spinning
ringing calling
pulling weaving
binding forming
warming sweeping
streaking swirling
aligning beaming
rushing stirring
riding running
streaming blooming
living climbing


have a poem john :)

john said...

Hi everyone and thanks for all your comments. Thanks Nina. As anonymous says, it is actually like this here and this is a quiet and largely gentle town. Most places have beauty to see, though it does seem abundant around here.

Thanks anonymous you're most welcome! And thanks A13. Yes everything is in its right place. The winter sunsets are particularly nice I think. thanks for the song too!

And cheers Neil and thanks very much for your poem. More photos coming soon. Thanks for all your comments.

reem said...

Very nice photos ,i think it was so cold ,was it ? so beautifull blue sea...the clouds too ...actually i'm painting a night colours now ,well i'm trying that ....ha..hope to be good ...

john said...

Choukran Reem. Yes it was cold and also very windy. Dusk is a cold time of the day to be hanging around by the beach taking photos, but when I concentrate I forget the cold so I have to remember to wrap up warm with a hat on. Good luck with the painting. It's good that you're painting.