Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rain and Flood


john said...

Oh and these photos aren't of this weeks flooding. I took them back on the seventh of July.

john said...

The river had actually gone down at this point. Four hours earlier it had been up over the bench in the photos and had taken the surface off the bridge. Someone I talked with told me that the river had been a few metres higher earlier on. Later on it was discovered that this flood had washed out the foundations of a 100 year old bridge which now has to be completely replaced. I know it's not exactly Bangladesh in scale but this is what can be seen locally.

A13 said...

The green and brown and spurting water from the depths of the earth are astounding..back in July in your summer time, all the summer rain and floods over there..
I'm interested to know how are things now in that place?
Did they replace the bridge before the Autumn and the winter snows that will come?
Sometimes the tropics are soooo boring!
We have a very hot "build up"
at the moment about 35c and humidity at 80% or so and NO rain to cool us down..but like a double edged sword the rain comes and the sun comes back out and it's like a hot go outside and you need do nothing to work up a sweat!
I miss seasons , even Aussie seasons..which are subltle..but up here in's the wet. The dry and the build up...what a wonderful place you guys over there have :)such a contrast!
looking forward to more pics as the year and the seasons change and move on :)
Cheers A

john said...

Cheers A13. We've had serious flooding in the UK over the last few days which prompted me to get these photos up. The bridge is to be replaced but at the moment there is a temporary bridge made of scaffolding in place.

Last week I went for a walk on Dartmoor which is quite high above sea level and we enjoyed weather which was hot when the sun was out (down to t-shirt) then as soon as the sun goes in the wind is cold (put sweatshirt and coat back on) this went on all day. I took these photos from underneath an umbrella, which this year has become part of my photographic equipment, as we had our three summer months where it hardly stopped raining at all.

Sometimes I dream about living in a place where I could go outside without it either raining, being too cold or just dark so much. The winter is quite long here and it is already coming up for 'getting the heat on time', something which can last until May, so we do very much look forward to Spring and Summer. It wasn't much cop this year. Good to see you still around the place. Cheers for now.

aferrismoon said...

Fine pics - can't make out exactly what's happenong with that arc of water in foto7. It seems to be just hanging in midair.


A13 said...

Hi John, yeah what seems to be the go with the spurting it coming out of the ground like under pressure?? is that a special phenomena when it floods?? like the last photo with the bubbling water?
was this a new thing for you to see or have you seen it before?
cheers A

john said...

Hi afferismoon and A13. It does look a bit odd in the photos doesn't it? The arc of water I think was coming from a burst drainage pipe that comes from the field above, it was spurting out of the ground in this arc and filling what became the pond in the background. I'm pretty sure it was a burst pipe. We were joined there by a small thrush who was enjoying the worms that were being brought up.

These sorts of images would be clearer if they were moving rather than photographs. I did think at the time that a video camera would record the force and speed of the water better.

The bubbling water was coming from a manhole cover or drain cover that was near the river, it was bubbling up with some force. I have seen these types of things on TV but haven't ever been close enough to a flooding river to actually see them myself before.

The river caused quite a lot of destruction, though the height of the river dropped down quickly after the initial flood. Ottery, just to the north of here gets flooded fairly regularly but I've never actually been there when its happened. Cheers for now and thanks, hope your all having a good weekend.

reem said...

A turbid fast river right hrer John ,i can guess about this flooding ,it's good rainy season ,is it ?????

I've always loved that dark green of your trees in UK ,mybe they don't enjoy much sunlight but they get enough amount of rain every year .i like the seventh photo ,that tree seems so beautifull clean and happy ...

100 years ,it's too long time and these bridges seem good untill now , at the last day in my country this year ,we've got rainy day and flooding ,i was very happy ,i've felt the smell of rain ,the air was damp and refreshing ,that was perfect for me but it was bad for or farmers ,that flooding coused some damage for them ...

Nice photos John ,i've enjoyed ...good time for you ...

john said...

Hello there and choukran Reem. The trees have been very green here this year because of all the rain we've had, but it hasn't been so good for growing a lot of things because we didn't have enough sun. It certainly keeps the place looking clean though.

It was lucky for you to be in your country when it rained then Reem, that must have been very good. It seems hard to imagine a place where it doesn't rain so much, we seem to have had water in overabundance this year. It was the wettest summer for 100 years I think.

The bridge is being tested at the moment to see whether it can be repaired or not, so we'll see in a while. Another unusual thing this year is that because it hasn't been very sunny the butterflies are still out and about trying to do their business and making the most of the sun when it comes out. usually the butterflies would be long gone by now. I am very glad that you are enjoying the photos Reem. All the best to you.