Sunday, January 20, 2013


No snow here at the coast but it surrounds us on most sides. It is very cold here though, especially when the wind is blowing. I took some photos on top of the common the other day and it was freezing cold with snow flurries. When I got to look at them the cold was in no way apparent and they could have been taken on a mild summers day. It's hard to get certain conditions into the photos sometimes. Here is a film that I shot in July last year. Not a flooding river but it's quite a way up and is busy washing away the roots of the trees on the riverbanks, making them unstable. Many fully grown trees from the Exe have washed up along the coast due to this process of erosion and are now happily stuck on the rocks around here. Everything looks so green in this film, mostly because it rained almost daily for about nine months last year. It was the second highest amount of annual rainfall on record in this country and must have been the wettest nine months, I should think.


reem said...

Fast muddy river ,it's logical result after few rainy months ,winter didn't arrive here yet ,you can find flowers and roses around the gardens ,no rain yet too...I love snow ,it's bad that there's no snow where you are ..but it's good season i guess for your country ,,in my country it's great rainy season for this year ,hope peace too ....I've seen flooding at midsummer in my town this year ,two rainy hours and fast flooding crossed the streets ,it was interesting but it caused much damage for the farmers seasons ....All the best for you ....

john said...

Hi Reem. The weather has been very bad for farmers in this country as well, too much rain. Today was great though, we had snow falling for a couple of hours this morning and despite it not really laying, it was such a great pleasure to watch the huge flakes coming down. More snow please! All the best to you Reem.

A13 said...

HI John, how have you been??

Well, this year for me has been off to a bad start..I was in hospital last week for an abscess in a rather painful erogenous zone..bloody tropics i tell ya.
Still getting over it, and on anti i haven't had a drink since the 4th Jan...i'm amazed my liver hasn't called a protest :)
Also to add insult to injury, i no longer have a job at the local school teaching special needs i'm a bit shattered by that ( not looking good so far is it) BUT i did have an interview today at another school and have one lined up for next hopefully something will come about :)I've sent over 10 applications off today so i'm working on the numbers theory..

SO, it's been the most Pathetic Monsoon/ wet season here down under where i am, no, not in Queensland (east coast) this would have to be the dryest EVER that i've experienced and i've been up here for 13 years now..SEND me some rain please :)The lack of the monsoon in the top end, is mostly to blame for the V high temps on the east coast..

Hope it's still not to cold there and you are doing well,did you fix your camera? or have to replace it??

Here's a haiku for your vid.
Torrent rushing
all is flowing
sound comforting.

Cheers A

john said...

Hi A13 and thanks for the haiku, that's very good. Ouch! I hope the abscess is clearing up. I have had a lot of those in my mouth, some ok, some extremely painful, and none of them much fun.

No drink since Jan the 4th eh? that is a long time, still doesn't do any harm to give the body a bit of rest now and again, even if it is enforced, and you have a lovely drink to look forward to at the end of your antibiotics course. What fun that will be.

I've been out for a few nights on anti-b's and it's odd watching other people getting hammered. For some reason drunk people can seem pretty daft when you're sober. When I have to go to shop to get more booze after I've run out I try to remember that I'm not the funniest person about but am in fact a bit drunk, and try to keep things normalish. Mind you I have a circus friend who can't resist any audience possibilities and will entertain bus queues if need be; "And you Sir, what do you do?" etc. Luckily most people don't seem to mind.

Sorry to hear about the job but you seem to have the right attitude to getting another one. Having interviews lined up is very encouraging an also the numbers theory is definitely a good one. That you haven't been unemployed long and are keen will stand you in good stead. It's much easier than having to explain to a potential employer exactly what you've been doing for the last four years apart from what appears to be getting a lot of tattoos and growing a beard.

I am more than happy to send you some rain and will do my best to get it to you. We seem to have had a large part of the atlantic dumped on us in the last ten months, I'm almost beginning to tire of the stuff. I did notice the invention of new colours for your temperature charts, a slightly worrying development.

We had a fairly hot summer here once and I didn't even want to pop down the shop for a newspaper so I have trouble visualising that sort of heat. If you can visualise heat that is.

Sometimes I get the odd notion that I might like to visit Australia one day and maybe one day I will, though who knows when, as it looks like a good place to take photos and there seems to be plenty of light.

I have a new camera and all goes well with it so far, it's just a pity that it's cheaper to buy a new one than get one mended. I don't reckon the people making these cameras are getting paid very much.

Best of luck with the job interview A13 and cheers! All the best to you.

john said...

That looks very long. Am I rambling?

A13 said...

NO Not rambling at all :)
Looks like we'll get a storm here in the next hour!! so i've got the aircon amped up to get this place nice and chilly and i'll curl up on the lounge and watch and listen to the rain and pretend that i'm somewhere cold!!
Nothing wrong with getting tattos and growing a beard..i love beards..hubby has one, and i have 6 tattoos..i've had to stop the collection though as they are expensive :)
I'm also sure you could capture some stunning images and time lapses here in Oz..the light is sometimes like those old kodachrome colours and = light i guess...
I did drink some wine last night, but i should have had a beer instead..I like that hoegaarden belgian stuff..very cold..does the trick fro the heat here..
Bye from me waiting for the rain :)

john said...

Cheers A13 and humble apologies for not getting back here sooner, it was a bit of a week. I love your description of the light there in Australia, it sounds wonderful. I hope you got some rain at last.

A13 said...

And apologies back at you for not replying to you sooner as well..or on my blog..
Things have been full on here..
I did get that job, but got offered another only a few days i'm now working but will be starting a new job ( with special needs kids ie ASD Autism) on the 27th..soooo.
Also started University this week and it's a busy and stressful time i guess..but in a good way though.
Yes we did get some where near as much as we usually get here this time of year..our monsoon has turned into a few storms and that's it...we are all hoping that it still comes..later better than be's so hot and dry here where i am sometimes people go "troppo"...going crazy cause of the tropical heat weather..
anyway..i've been a busy little vegemite :)
Cheers mate A

john said...

Well the work sounds very good, you do sound like you're going to be busy but it is very useful work to be doing, so well done and good for you A13.

I can understand the relentless heat sending people a bit loco, we get it here with a bit of stir craziness due to seemingly never ending dark and rain, our winter nights are about 16 hours and the days don't always get very light. We look forward to spring and saying that it has been lovely and sunny here for two days in a row which seems like something of a record at the moment. I have another job to apply for so am hoping this one works out. Cheers for now and all the best with all.