Friday, September 13, 2013

ship ahoy

It looks as though my ship has just come in. This vessel is the Queen Mary 2 and I don't know what it was doing in this close, it is unusual. Possibly it just came in to have a nose, as the folk festival was on at the time. We did wonder if it was to drop off somebody important, but no launch was seen.

"The first storm of autumn is on its way" reads the line at the Met Office today, so our first night in the hut will coincide with 50 mph winds (70 in Scotland) and rain. A good opportunity for me to record some new wind and rain sounds for use in my work anyway. The hut is well hunkered down and has been there for 50 years so far, so it should be okay. Evidence of visit coming at a later date hopefully.


reem said...

Sunny day ,shining water ,people are bizy , rocks ,,nearby water seems turbid ,i think you've got great trip ,have you?

Whene i was 18 ,i've got a trip just like this ,rocky beach but rainy day , it was at Ras Al Baseet in the north of the country ,it's very beautiful area and it's still quiet now , no fight there .

I keep all these memories in my mind ...

john said...

Cheers Reem. I took these back in early August, it was very hot here, something we're not very used to, but lovely weather. I was quite lucky to get these photos as the ship only hung around for a few minutes before heading off.

I spend much time with my memories, a lot of what I liked about the world and the people that I loved are gone, it is sad that so much is now in the past.

I must have a look at Ras Al Baseet then and see what the place looks like, there is much beauty in the landscape of Syria I think. I pray that peace comes to Syria soon. All the best to you.