Sunday, December 01, 2013

autumn colours


john said...

I have a new computer and the screen is set at a much higher resolution. I uploaded the photos and linked them as usual, looked at the preview and they looked so blurry I had to delete them all and start again. Even now with much larger photos they still look really blurry to me so I'll have to look into sorting this out by the next post.

reem said...

Full autumn colours .like it ,it still green too .Blurry ,no I don't think so ,the firt ,the second and the third photos ,they're bright and clear for me ,it's interesting walk across that narow lane and all these bright orange leaves around you ,moss is still there also much moss ,and what about birds ,they seem ducks to me ,are they ???or mybe another sort ,nice work John ,as usual...I've enjoyed thanks for you ....

john said...

Thanks Reem, You're very welcome. I had to make the photos a lot bigger than usual, maybe I'll sharpen them a bit in future but yes they look better for being bigger.

Those birds are ducks I think, though I'm no expert. That photo was taken at Topsham on the Exe estuary, it has quite a reputation for bird watchers. I was walking there with my mother and we met an unhappy looking birdwatcher. As we walked on we found out why he looked unhappy and that was because a couple of families had walked round to the birdwatchers observation deck and the children were all shouting and carrying on and I think they had scared the birds away. Nobody in the families seemed to notice that they were causing such a ruckus.

Lowest tide of the month here so of to the beach for a walk in a bit. I was visiting a friend yesterday and had a good hour and a quarter walk to his house over the hill down an old green lane. Haven't walked that way for about eight years. At some point in the past it had been tarmacked in places, nearly all of which was worn away now just leaving a raised line of tarmac the middle of the lane about six inches wide. A difficult lane underfoot with endless ankle twisting possibilities.

Cheers Reem, hope all good where you are.

aferrismoon said...

Don't seem blurry to me , except maybe the last one a bit.

The deep, mossy woods fotos are very nice, quiet and soft.

Here some snow has fallen and there's a nasty wind.

The ducks look like Mallards


john said...

Thanks aferrismoon. Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been away for a couple of days.

I made the photos a lot bigger than usual, to make the leaves look crisper, as they should be. The woods are lovely here at the moment and certainly very quiet. There is still much green here, some evergreen some not.

It has been very mild so far this winter, so many have saved on the ever increasing price rises of the power companies by not using it much for the last few months. Doesn't make a lot of difference to us as we have the woodburner. Maybe the worst of the winter is still to come here, sometimes it's after Christmas. Hope you're keeping warm there then and that all is well where you are.

john said...

And yes, the birds look duckish alright.