Tuesday, March 11, 2014



reem said...

Nice to see your work again John ,this place has different types of trees and rich of grass , much moss too ...rocks seem black and slippery ,much rain there ,that's good for everything on the land ,,trees grass ,,soil ,,even rocks ,you feel life around the place ..water seems quiet and clear ,mybe cold too ..pine trees ,,I like this tree ,we have alot in my town ,well we had ,,now we've lost the most of them after long dry years ,

Spring is coming and you'll enjoy your time I guess ,,hope good time for you and waiting photos from beautiful Devon ....thanks ...

john said...

Cheers Reem and thank you very much. It's always nice to see you here. I took these photos on a very cold day, ice on the ground and not long before it was going to get dark.

I like the pine trees as well. I grew up with them and as a child I used to have a favourite tree in a park that I used to climb and sit on top of. Not very high up but I could climb the tree at night and just sit there and look at the moon and stars, it was very nice.

Yes Spring coming now, all the plants are coming up through the earth again after their sleep and the trees begin to bud, always welcome after a long dark winter.

All the best to you Reem, take care.