Tuesday, June 10, 2014



P2P said...

Great images. I sometimes get negative feedback for not using the golden ratio. I can't understand it - sometimes a picture is perfect without it, sometimes a picture is poor without it. After learning of such a 'law,' people seem to take it to their hearts as any other man-made truth.

All best to you!

john said...

Hi and thanks P2P. Oh yes, there can be many different ways of composing an image. To some extent this was a "Cock running away from me while I try to sort out the manual focus" type of composition, though other stuff does come in to play too I think.

I'm always interested in signs and enjoy a nice example, you have plenty good ones in your work. I got one today in the middle of Dartmoor - a sign warning not to pick up unexploded ordinance, lovely.

Hope all is good where you are.