Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tawny Owls

I went out the other night to photograph the moon and heard these owls close by to where I was sitting, so I recorded the sound of them with my camera. I think they're tawny owls, though I'm no expert. They make a lot of noise near the end of this recording.


kieselsteine said...

Hello John

That's a nice consolation
For the hidden moon rise
This beautiful owl concert!


john said...

Hi Patrick. I was sitting in a small copse and the owls were very close by, so too good an opportunity not to try recording them. Lots of wildlife out and about for the big moon, we saw a fox jump off a small bridge and run, as well as hearing the owls. Very warm here at night at the moment, so good to be outside.

Hope all is good where you are.

su said...

Long time.
Every night in my tent, two barn owls sit in the pecan nut tree above my tent.
They communicate and carry astral messages through the night.
And then when I can detect no change in the light at all, there asre a few moments of silence, and then the owls are silent and the roosters crow.
They enver overlap.
Missed you.

john said...

Hi Su. Yes it is a long time isn't it? I like to hear the language of the birds even if I don't understand much of it, good to stop and listen. You must be very close to those owls then, do they keep you awake? So nice to be out in nature.

It seems that we have a big storm coming tonight so I must get off and batten down the hatches of this place. Hope all is good where you are, drop me a line anytime!