Friday, November 21, 2014

Bystock Pond

Photos taken at Bystock Pond near to the delightfully named roads of Inner Ting Tong and Outer Ting Tong.

From Wikepedia: The naming of the two roads on the hill-top in Devon between Budleigh Salterton, Woodbury and Exmouth is widely derided as fanciful, but is regarded by locals as being derived in the normal way from a Thing-Tun - a dun or small settlement around the place where the Thing used to meet. A thing (Old Norse, Old English and Icelandic: Ă¾ing; German, Dutch ding; modern Scandinavian languages: ting) was the governing assembly in Germanic societies and introduced into some Celtic societies, made up of the free people of the community and presided by lawspeakers, meeting in a place called a thingstead.


aferrismoon said...

Stillness - great light too.

At the bottom right of the first pic, is that a blue can?


Anonymous said...

Ting Tong?

Iddle I Poh!

As for blue can, duck!

Mallard, no?

etc. etc.

john said...

Cheers and thanks aferrismoon. As tempted as I am to say I was lobbing my empty Tennant Supers in, our 'mystery' commenter has it right, ducks they are, there are a few of them in the photo. If you look to the right side of the can there is a small head on top. Maybe I could run a 'spot the duck' competition like the old 'spot the ball'.

I took the first few as it was raining, so a good combination of rain, lily pads and sunset and in a place I'd never been to before, though I used to drive past Inner Ting Tong when I used to live out that way years ago.

john said...

Well spotted Anonymous, you've done this before I think.

blue can on water
becomes Autumn duck floating
as day turns to night

Cheers for now..

john said...

Whilst on the subject of ting I suppose I should mention that I used to play triangle in a reggae band. I used to sit at the back and ting.

aferrismoon said...

I like a drop of Old Mallard, y'know the one with the handy duck's head drinking spout.

Down the hatch!


john said...

he he, all good stuff!