Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Coney's Castle

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john said...

Again, taken last summer when the weather was considerably warmer than it is at the moment. Coney's Castle is well tucked away slightly inland and to the north of Lyme Regis. It is situated on a tiny country lane and if you didn't know there was a castle there, you could just drive straight through it and not notice the place.

People do visit the castle though; On the path round the castle I found a small boarding ticket for a flight on an Egyptian airlines plane, dated from a few weeks before, an odd item to turn up in such a place.

reem said...

Hello John , sunny day and interesting walk , the trees seem old , and that man is a farmer , is he ? I like your first photo and also that quiet country house ...nice to see your work again .....I enjoyed it ...thanks ...have good time always ....

john said...

Hello there Reem. Yes it was a nice sunny walk and a good place to have a late afternoon potter.

It's the middle of winter here now so it's good to look at some old summer photos. There were lots that I didn't get round to posting last year. The man at the beginning is the Maid, my traveling companion, getting interested in taking photos of the hedge there.

Glad you enjoyed, hope all ok where you are.