Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sunset and Moonrise at The Turf Locks Hotel

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Sunset and moonrise at the Turf Locks Hotel on a cold and windy early March day. I hope to be out and about for the partial eclipse of the sun this Friday morning. It's supposed to be about 85% eclipsed here which might mean that it just gets a bit dark, but I'll see what I can photograph anyway. I witnessed the total eclipse of the Sun that was visible here in Devon back in 1999, and very impressive it was. I watched it from a hilltop near Newton Abbot. The most striking part for me was the rapid advance of the eclipse shadow as it raced across the landscape towards me. Certainly a thing worth seeing.


nina said...

Downloaded the rusty bucket with hauling tarpaulin, nestled in the reeds maybe for the night to watch moonrise or maybe forever.

Got to paint it John. Ok with you?

Your friend, nina

john said...

Cheers Nina. Yes that's fine by me, it's really nice that you would like to paint it, thank you very much. I hope the seasons are turning again ok where you are. I've been painting a bit recently, as the sun is getting a bit higher in sky now and it's not so cold out in the studio. Hope your painting is going well.

All the best to you!

reem said...

Nice photos, I like the second and the last one too ,the both are beautiful ,clear water moves quietly ...nice work John ..thanks ...