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wind water sun

Another time lapse film for you which I made recently on the 5th of January. An odd film really as it starts out more dramatic than it ends up, maybe I should reverse the whole thing. This was filmed on a very windy afternoon with the winds gusting up to about force eight. Being a bit untogether I forgot to secure the tripod to the beach properly and as a result the tripod blew over when I was off pottering about by the edge of the sea, hence the edit in the middle. Whoops. Luckily the camera is undamaged, but I should know better by now.

Although our awful overlords have done their best to ruin the environment, along with our helpful and willing blind conformity, the sea sky and sun thing can still be very beautiful. So far there is no tax on natural beauty, although the appreciation and observance of this is very much discouraged, even by modern philosophers who maintain that because beauty cannot be quantified and is a subjective experience it doesn't exist. Good for them. No profit in it you see, standing around looking at natural things and not spending money. The best thing to do is to concentrate on working very very hard as much as you can and then one day you might be able to have the time to stand around looking at stuff, if you can still see at that age or haven't died prematurely by working yourself into the early grave. Rest assured the taxes will continue after you're dead. I am fortunate in that I have many places I can go to see such stuff and I appreciate that not everybody is able to do this.

I don't know if anyone has seen this Renaissance 2.0 series of videos on youtube but I was quite impressed with these, as they offer a good summery of how we got to be where we are today, from an American viewpoint. If you are a clever clogs and already know it all, skip to part five and you will find the place that we are just about to come to. In part six there is even an explanation of what tactics we could use to possibly find a way out of this mess. Ever hopeful me. See what you think.