Friday, July 20, 2018

Avon Dam Reservoir

Had a nice walk out to Avon Dam Reservoir on Wednesday to see how the water level was going on account of the long period we have had without rain in the UK. The reservoir is just north of South Brent and on the edge of Dartmoor. The level was further down than I expected it to be and seems noticeably empty at the northern end. It's quite a difficult walk all the way round as the path dwindles away first to sheep tracks and then to seemingly nonexistent. It turned out to be much easier to walk on the newly created 'beach'. Considering that there hasn't been any rain here properly for a few months the bracken seemed very green and healthy, like long grass does because it keeps it's own moisture when not cut. Some interesting features have been revealed by the drop in water. We found plenty of stone walls that indicated buildings with rooms, remaining in good condition whilst submerged. Hopefully we'll get rain at some point. Wales is getting plenty today but nothing here. About a week ago it rained properly for about five minutes and the sounds was so unexpected that I had to run outside to look at it.