Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bulverton Hill

Just a few more pictures from Bulverton taken the other day. Blogger was making it really hard for me to post last time by chopping all my sentences into strange shapes, so lots of time spent buggering about with html. There seems to be a lot of it about lately. We had a big rockfall on Tuesday here but I haven't had the time to get down and photograph it yet, but I will. Anyway who wants to come for a walk with me?


nobody said...

Sure. You lay on the 747 and I'll bring the bird guide and the binoculars.

nobody said...

Well put John. Mind you there's nothing like being in a place. Otherwise, the beauty of being a bird watcher is that one can make a fool of oneself everywhere one goes. Mostly I've hung in Asia. Whilst the smart money is in an air-conditioned bar with a beer and a bar girl, I'll be in whatever park, dying from 40°C and 99% humidity, chasing bulbuls. The locals never know what to make of you. And parrots? Forget Spain. Come to Oz. We might be crap at football but we rock at parrots.

john said...

Cheers Nobody

In a way we all walk together now anyway. I like the way that although we are all seperated geographically we have got to meet each other to some degree on the internet as we are all heading in the same sort of direction because we have seen through some of the bullshit that the world throws at us.

I would love to get to see Australia though I think there's a good chance it may never happen. I have never traveled abroad much but I did get to Spain in 2001 and made a good fool of myself in a park in Barcelona by running up and down being amazed that there were parakeets in the trees. Had they all escaped from cages? Why is no-one taking any notice of them? The maid calmly explained that it was normal to see such birds in such climes.

I will stop over and add a haiku at some point, it has been nice and interesting to see what folks have been putting up though I just took the photograph, the real work was done by other forces.

cheers for now