Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Golden the Ship Was - Oh! Oh! Oh!

All things quiet here at the moment, lots of grey and rain and the usual seasonal darkness. I have been ill for the last few days (poor me!) with a nasty head cold which found a weak spot in my teeth almost straight away. My teeth have given me some exquisite pain over the years but for some reason it always comes back as a bit of a surprise. I expect that when this happens to Richard Dawkins he calls out for his dentist but that doesn't work for me although painkillers do help somewhat. At the moment my dentist is twelve miles away and is also in next January sometime. He can look forward to my happy smiling face.

The other year I went to a local private dentist when I had a nasty abscess and he charged me rather a lot of money for some antibiotics and for lifting a very weak tooth out of my head though I was grateful and more than glad to see it go. Last year I managed to lose a tooth eating a cheese sandwich which was certainly cheaper.

The first photo is of the large rockfall that happened last Tuesday or the one before possibly. A lot of this rock has already been washed away by the sea, such is it's power. The last photo was taken on Saturday night at about two in the morning. It was actually a lot nicer than it appears in the photograph, lots of moonlight coming through the clouds and the tide was right out so a nice big stretch of sand to walk on and a warm night too.

I took some photo's a couple of years ago on the coast here of a ship very much in trouble at night. Usually when you see ships in storms around here they are so far out that they don't appear to be that affected by the sea, an illusion I should imagine, but this one was right in close to the shore which is a dangerous place to be with all the rocks and headlands that we have here. I managed to get a few shots of it before it lurched round the bay to Budleigh.


nobody said...

Go on John, fess up. You fiddled the light house deliberately. Jamaica Inn! Otherwise I was in amongst my perpetual re-reading of Patrick O'Brian last night and there we were in amongst the famous discussion of 'The impervious horrors of the leeward shore'.

Otherwise gorgeous photes. The first one is breath-taking. You don't know what the bird was do you?

nobody said...

Get well soon mate. Oh, and a herring gull... never mind. It's hard to get excited about a gull.

As for Master and Commander, I've lent it to many people and the majority seemed to have difficulty getting past the first scene with the octagonal music room and Locatelli's C major quartet. For mine, it's worth persisting. I told them that but it didn't seem to make any difference. And as for the movie, I liked it, but truth be known, everything that is great in the books was absent in the film. O'Brian is less about the subject matter than he is about a variety of delicious understated prose.

See how you go.

john said...

Yes, it is hard to get excited about herring gulls. Actually the thing that I really like about birds are the songs. My eyes aren't that good and most of our garden birds are a bit small and brown, but the songs are great. A lot of these birds are quite friendly too.

nobody said...

Yeah, for me it's all about the songs too. I'm a twitcher and it's inevitably songs that get me to twitch.

And your eyes aren't that good? Ha ha ha, how droll you are John. Between your assertion, and the photos here, the photos win the argument, mate.

Ha! King of the backhander, me!

john said...

cheers and thanks Nobody, how nice to feel the benefit of the back of your hand instead of the wrist that we usually see (!?)

sometimes for a bit of fun I put my glasses on and I can see all the revolting details that other people take for granted, it's more information than I need but I suppose others like it that way.

talking of things revolting,the pedaphocracy stuff has been interesting. I wondered a long while ago if someone might have had something nasty on mr.blair as he seemed very keen to do the war thing with nothing obvious in return. Who knows? not me. Anyway haut de la garonne has sunk beneath the waves again and as usual there's nothing to see here!

I have been slowly working through Daves site and very interesting it is too, recently I was reading what he had to say about dick cheneys hunting trips.

The other day when I saw the reports of the big storm in Australia the first thing that went through my mind was "wow that looks really nasty, I hope Nobody's alright" which seemed kind of inappropriate somehow.

A pleasure talking to you.

nobody said...

Tilt my head back and laugh! I'm fine mate.

And Tony Blair. I never could figure him out. What a weird weird cove. John Howard, sure. He was always an arsehole. But Blair... you have to wonder...

McGowan is extraordinary. Between Cheney's hunting trips, the DC sniper, and his destruction of Mike Ruppert, (and not forgetting Laurel Canyon of course) he always manages to knock your socks off.

Hell, it's on account of him I wear flip-flops now. Ha!

john said...

Cheers Nobody

The bird is a Herring Gull I think. I have closer photo's, i'll have a rummage and see what I can find. We also have Dunlin, Cormorants, Shags, Oystercatchers and the like. It's not always easy to get near them so I don't have many good photo's.

The light in the last photee is a ship and I didn't 'maica inn, though there are two lighthouses visible from here; Portland Bill to the east and Berry Head to the west both about 23 miles away. Somebody counted about 370 shipwrecks along this small stretch of coast though not all of them ended up on the shore. Actually this is a bit of a long story to tell here so I might do a post about it.

I got a copy of Master and Commander(the book not the film) for me dad a while ago and i'm looking forward to borrowing it off him at some point.

The haiku is tricky this week though I think maybe the muse doesn't like me when i'm ill.

cheers for now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 1:12:00 AM