Thursday, February 05, 2009

a year in the round

Spring is still a bit of a way off yet, but we do have snowdrops and the first primroses. Snow everywhere tonight though it's mostly sleet and strong winds here, news of 200 motorists stuck on the Haldon Hills near Exeter. The weather seems to have moved south, so that what we usually get, which is wet warm westerly winds, is happening in southern europe and we are getting more arctic weather, or at least what they would usually get in Scotland. It doesn't happen round here often.


nobody said...

Are these taken at the same time of day? Regardless, a really interesting exercise. I want to put these on my hard-drive and then play them as a slide-show to see what happens. I always did love those photos taken from the same position showing the changes. Very good.

john said...

Cheers Nobody and thanks.
They were all taken in the afternoon;
14/05/2008 16:04
24/07/2008 14:32
05/11/2008 13:52
01/12/2008 15:52
24/12/2008 16:13
12/01/2009 17:27
but not exactly at the same time as I am not that regular in my habits, well not those ones anyway. I have been very much enjoying your work over at Craigs site, Eddies comment about the movie was a hoot, I think they must be losing it if they are saying such nonsense. Okehampton had two feet of snow last night but because we are so close to the sea we just get sleet. boo!

nobody said...

Ah, I was wondering if you were buried or not. Sleet is very dull. Otherwise all that footage on the telly of kids going sledding was brilliant. Reminded me of my year in Salisbury. We did that. Trashed the common I recall.

As for Craig Murray's blog, I'm not really able to take in part in any real-time chats and I don't know that I'd want to. Instead I'm just going to be hit and run. Also, it is Craig's blog. I never liked people who move into a comments section and take things over. In many ways that's my beef with Eddie. That and the fact that he's a zionist arsehole sure enough. (BTW which john are you?)

Also I played your pix as a slideshow but they didn't quite line up. I can make them line up (I used to do it for a living kind of thing) but my photoshop license has clapped out. Curse that fellow in Hong Kong! He said it was real! Anyway a friend should sort me out soon, and I'll have a play with it to see if I can make a spooky dissolve thing happen. Should be good for a laugh.

Off to Craig's to see the latest! Ciao.

Skye said...

Those pics are absolutely wonderful!

john said...

Thanks Skye, there are more coming soon and I might even tinker with them so that they line up a bit better, a nice excercise anyway.

Cheers Nobody, well done! things are looking busy over at yours today. I am none of the Johns at Craigs, it's turning out that the name is quite popular, if I comment anywhere I'll wink to let you know.

We are still the only place not getting snow, so I am cursing a bit and more than a tad jealous of all the other photographers and their lovely snow pics. Australia is looking very hot, 117 seems a bit unreasonable to me.

Cheers for now.

nobody said...

Hey John, would you believe the last 24 hours saw 11,000 hits? It's absolutely nuts. It's slacking off a bit now but at one point it was physically impossible to even scan them in statcounter. By they time I'd scanned a page of twenty or so, another fifty had come in. Unbelievable.

the Silverfish said...

Funny but those picture seem to give one an erie sense of deja View. hmmmmm

john said...

I know what you mean Dr.
Sometimes when I'm walking back round the other side of the hill I think I can see myself off in the distance, stopping and taking a photograph. I do hope I'm still mormal.

john said...

Blimey Nobody, 11,000 hits? The mind bogles.

Sorry to see all the floods and fire, it all looks bloody awful.

I'm ok I think, I'm still mormal.