Thursday, April 16, 2009

moonrise and the sea



Dawn said...

Very beautiful. :)

nina said...

Its one thing to see it, but it must really be something wonderful to experience it.

Thanks John, you lucky man.

nobody said...

Your night photos are always spooky John. New desktop for yours truly. Er... the cyber cheque is in the um, cyber mail.

I've been meaning to ask how the pub is in that little town? I imagine it must be nice to sit inside with a beer while the wind blows and waves come smashing in just across the road.

john said...

Cheers Dawn, you're most welcome.

Hi nina,
Yes I do feel lucky to see this. It first appears as a small dark red line. Because the moon is so dark when it first rises it is very hard to photograph in a way that makes any sense, so as it gets a bit higher it gets a lot brighter and becomes easier to photograph. The length of exposure on this was about 13 seconds.

Hi nobody
Thanks, The Marine has tables out the front which are usually populated by the few remaining smokers because were not allowed to smoke indoors any more, so out for a fag and some fresh air. In some pubs now you have to go outside for a fag but your not allowed to take your beer with you, that has to stay inside. Not as much fun as it sounds.

There's also The Ship Inn which has a large post in the middle that is part of the original pub building of 1350, so it has been propping up drunk people for a fair old while. Before that people leaned against a tree.

The other pubs are The Balfour, The Swan, The Mermaid and The Volunteer.

Skye said...

Wow, absolutely amazing!

nobody said...

Cool. I imagine I could squint and see Jack Aubrey dashing out chased by the tipstaffs. Or is that tipstaves? As for cigs outside and beer inside, tell me about it. We have that here too. Very tiresome. My local is not so bad what with having a designated semi-open smoking area. And sure enough, in spite of the pub having 100 metres of river front the smoking area has a view of the corner of the carpark that contains two rusting containers.

One day I shall quit cigarettes but the joke will be on whomever as I shall quit beer too.

And matey, I only just now realised you'd posted a series of woodcuts. Thanks for that, they're brilliant. And they've provided the inspiration for tomorrow's haiku. I like the Zeus / Minerva ones but I don't know that anyone will get it. Anyway something in that direction.

john said...

Cheers Skye, it's all happening. We've got Spring all over the place here, bluebells just starting to come out now, I have some photo's from a couple of weeks ago which I must put up, bluebells moving across the winter woods.

I thought that it was about time I tried to make friends with the horses as seen in the previous tree photo's, I've had a few run-ins with horses but I am supposed to be fire horse, so who knows? but I'll keep at it anyway.

Cheers nobody, oh yeah they all drank round here. There's another Ship in Exeter which is supposed to be Francis Drakes favorite boozer. I pass it on my way back on a Friday and it is a lovely old timber framed building up a little alley which now has pumping dance music and all the folk outside for a fag and to shout in the mobile, same as ever but a bit louder.

How come we have the same wacky laws on smoking and drinking? I presumed it was just rubbish here.

We have a new health warning on pouches of tobacco which says on one side 'Smoking seriously harms you and others around you' and on the other side is a photo of a man with a huge growth on his neck in colour with the words 'smoking can cause a slow painful death'. It takes some of the fun out of smoking.

I gave up smoking for nine months and felt great then just started smoking again, very easy. After about a month you don't really miss fags but booze is the problem here, after a certain amount you just want a ciggie. Anyway..