Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a new green man

Thanks very much to a keen eyed Brian Kennedy for passing this striking image on to me. As he says it looks very much the green man. At first I thought it odd that it was taken indoors but then I realised that most of the green man images that I know of are indoors in churches, so maybe it's not that odd after all. It is a striking and slightly disturbing image and as such fits in splendidly with the green man. Thanks Brian.

It comes from Ultra Dialectics Format Magazine Urban Art which is linked in the title.

Some of the mice here were slightly unhappy that they didn't get to see the proper sequence of the rising of the moon from the sea, so I might even go back and have another go at it for them so that they can see to their satisfaction that small stripe of red that appears on the horizon when it occurs. Something to look forward to for sure.
And thatnks again to Brian for sending me this giant green hand from an album cover which is taken from
As usual I am getting way behind the movement of the seasons with my photo's but I will have a look through the enormous pile and get some up soon.


moonmouse said...

Sqweek sqweek..gawn bit quiet ear bey..theys all gettin pist w/out you zumwear elz! uz wantz the moon (stick not necessary)

debnmaid said...

gotta comment now cos WV=crowwom

john said...

Thanks debnmaid and moonmouse with your Devon accent, I think I know who you are and although I expect everybody was looking forward to seeing a big black photo with a tiny speck of red on it I may have to give it a miss for a bit. Thank you dear!