Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the colours of spring

We walk down the old railway track from the Bowd heading towards Harpford. Harpford is such a perfectly pretty village it is almost stupid; the thatched cottages, the beautiful ancient church, the river, it's all there, and all seemingly unaffected by modernity. This evening the wind has stilled, and as the railway track descends through a steep wooded valley it is separated from all external mechanical noise. It is an uncanny silence, broken only by the singing of the birds which echoes around this quiet space and reminds me of the landscapes that I sometimes see and hear in dreams.

The colours of spring are freshly laid, and I attempt to pass some of this freshness on to you before these colours fade. The leaves have only just come out on the trees. The beech leaves are soft and downy and the greens bright and new. We are very fortunate to observe this yearly renewal, and so far the geometry of nature appears to be unchanged by events in Japan. This we are also thankful for.

We wind down through the dark wooded valley and will soon come out into the somewhat brighter light of this already fading evening, to continue our walk towards Harpford and then on to Newton Pop and the bus back. I am hoping to see something of the Hawthorne trees which are currently in full flower.



Anonymous said...

Nice spring colours ,so cute small flowers too ,the fourth photo is perfect so beautiful ,just as white snow ,i told you once that my mum had a plant like this ,but a little smaller ,purple flowers seem nice and new ,i like thus fern ,in arabic Al Monshar ,,the saw ,there're much in your forest ,they seem fresh too .I think there's much to be thanksfull for dear John .....

I like your houses ,mybe it's nice to get some photo for them ....

Hve good time ....Reem

john said...

Choukran Reem. The plant that is flowering in the fourth photo is Cow Parsley, it grows widely here and its contribution to the look of the countryside is sometimes overlooked. we have so many plants in flower at the moment, nature seems glad to be watered and growing again.

Although much appears bad in the world there is also much to be thankful for. I'll see if I can take more photos of the houses and buildings here, they are well worth a look. All the best to you Reem