Friday, May 04, 2012

timelapse devon 20th April 2012

Regarding cloud, light and wet seagulls whilst enjoying the easy going smell of Panis et Circencis.



P2P said...

I like this. Is that a church one sees?

I shot video myself first time in seven years a couple of weeks back, with an eos 550d so I was able to use my lenses. I really liked it, and now am hoping that in the next years I'll be lucky enough to have extra money to buy one second hand for myself as a spare camera to be used for videos.

timelapses here in helsinki would be sweet. the colors we get around twilight and when the sun rises are magical, fluorescent really. hp lovecraft used the word fluorescent a lot to describe scenery I remember, yet I have never seen fluorescence anywhere but here. already now in early may the sun rises at 5 am, sets at 10pm. I guess the fluorescent hues have to do with the angle of the sun, somehow.

john said...

Hi P2P. Yes that is a church there. We are surrounded by churches of all flavours. Generally I like the old C of E ones, for their carvings and gloomy light which is perfect on a dark winters day. One of the things I like about churches is how they seem to make the world outside appear further away somehow.

I do the timelapse with the cheapest camera possible which I bought mainly for its ability to do timelapse. Like a lot of cheap electronic things it started mucking about just after the guarantee ran out and works sometimes now.

Lovecraft talks about the colours out of space and of impossible geometries in architecture such as in 'At the Mountains of Madness' which was set in the south pole, I think, and which might have a similar type of light. He would never have seen this light so he either read descriptions of it or must have imagined it. He did read a lot so that is possible. I enjoy his overuse of the words 'hideous and gibbous' amongst other things of course.

Your day is already longer than ours then, it's getting properly dark here just after nine now but we have that unfamiliarity with the time again. all of a sudden it's late.

Timelapse in Helsinki would be really good to see, and the flores essence too. Cheers for now.

P2P said...

being surrounded by churches is something I know from having lived in rome, but here I don't think one finds a place to live where that is possible - in the whole of f-land I mean. I live in the historical center of helsinki, a five minute walk from both the church of doom and the uspenski cathedral, but they are too monumental for a finn's psyche. most of our churches are built when the church of state's been lutheran. the lutheran philosophy on religion is quite anti glam, which shows in our churches' plain architecture and interiors, usually having no other art but the altar piece which in itself can be very abstract.

speaking about lutherans, a while back I became quite disappointed over my indoctrination into finnish society through our schooling system, because the numerous hours spent on martin luther never included his analysis on the dogma of old testament.

even in their plainness, our churches too make the world outside disappear. for me it comes from the sense of isolation and meaningless ritual, of being within a sacrament that nevertheless serves nothing spiritual for me personally. I have been inside tens if not hundreds of churches in my life and only a few of them have truly heightened my spirits, so to say. now when thinking about it, only two occasions come to mind - both random christian orthodox rituals stumbled into, once here in uspenski cathedral, once in st. isaac's in st. petersburg. of christians, I have never seen anyone but orthodox christians truly meditating during their blessing rituals. one can feel it even when participating only in presence.

to put churches aside, I have come to the conclusion that building a temple for god is a command best executed if that temple is assumed to be one's body and mind. I think I had something to say on lovecraft, but, alas, forgot.

john said...

Cheers P2P. I only just noticed this comment and have readjusted the moderation on older posts now again. sometimes I find our old cathedrals, though beautiful, don't seem to have much in the way of atmosphere and now feel more like tourist destinations. I do prefer a small country church, empty of people, they have more to offer me and I find them good places to sit in peace or meditate a bit. I know nothing much of Luther and had almost no religious upbringing or indoctrination whatsoever when I was young.

Lovecraft can be quite an interesting subject. He was a funny old sausage. I'm not sure if there is a name for such a universal dread.