Thursday, November 15, 2012



reem said...

Green beech trees , we don't have this kin in my town ,just pine trees and some apricot and apple trees ,naked at winter ,green at summer ful of fruits ,i like the last two photos ,very interesting to see golden leaves and green land at the same time ,cold weather i guess there where you're ,still slightly hot here and still hate desert land ,and miss the winter .....nice for me to enjoy your photos John....good time for you ...

john said...

Choukran Reem. The weather here has been quite mild so far, it's a comfortable temperature, but that could change soon. The autumn has been very pretty, as there hasn't been much wind to blow the leaves from the trees, though it is windy here today, so there might be fewer leaves on the trees now. It has been very colourful and the fallen leaves have a beautiful smell. The beech trees are good around here; they are such big trees with lovely bark and leaves. We have short and dark days again now, though Sunday was very sunny and even warm. Thanks Reem, I am glad you're enjoying the photos and hope all is well and good where you are.

A13 said...

HI John, hope is all is well over there :)
those red, orange and yellow leaves look like they are just floating in mid air..a delicate umbrella of colour and's just the exact opposite to's too hot to enjoy anything except air conditioning and cold beer/wine..
That second pic with the green ball thing hanging..looks like a natural christmas tree decoration!
what is it?
anyway..i i really enjoy these pics
Cheer and all the best

john said...

Cheers A13. The green balls are balls of moss. I'm not quite sure what causes them to grow like this but they're good fun. All is ok here, we're enjoying 50, 60+ mph winds here at the moment, so very lively out. Flood warnings all over, the other night we had half a months rainfall in 8 hours with plenty more forecast for tonight. Here we go again...Hope the beer is cool there, all the best to you.