Friday, November 09, 2012



kieselsteine said...

Hello John

Beautiful pictures!
I always look at them.
The forests in England are not the same as here in Winterthur.
But many things are similar.
Thank you for the little trips to distant forests.
three times a day I'm in the woods with our dogs.


aferrismoon said...

The colour changing and falling of the leaves in autumn seems to break up lines and shapes.

Soon stark winter.


john said...

Hello Patrick and thank you very much. It sounds like you are very fortunate to be able to get into the woods so often. I should imagine that the woods you have there must be very good, we only have small pockets left here which is a bit of a shame I think. I have also been enjoying the work at your blog and I try to stop by when I can.

john said...

Cheers and thanks aferrismoon. Much colour will soon be draining from our landscape again, back into the earth to wait, though our winter here is not so stark as others experience, but stark enough for us.