Friday, February 12, 2016

Torbay and Elberry Cove

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Initially this was a sound recording, but the video does give the piece some context, so I left it in this time. Myself, clambering round the rocks on an incoming tide as it gets dark, with shoelace undone. A quiet and relaxing place, with the birds in the background singing at dusk in January like it was spring. It was darker than the video appears, but if you look closely you can see the daylight dimming even as this short video plays through.


reem said...

Hello John , nice photos , I liked them all , the first one is beautiful ,you had sweet memories in Brixham , I had a look at your photos from this town too , it was great and interesting to be there again after this long time , houses ,lights ,reflections on water , I liked thus photos too .Thanks for sharing this with us....

john said...

Hello there Reem, choukran. Ah yes, it was very nice to be in Brixham again, it is a pretty town at night even in the winter, so good to be there again. Elberry is not a place I know but the cove and the rocks are very good there. I enjoyed seeing the cove and listening to the quiet sea and the birds. Thanks for popping by, always nice to hear from you. All the best!