Wednesday, March 09, 2016


 photo _DSC5625b_zpsasq4sdvj.jpg

 photo _DSC5640b_zpstbgbluoj.jpg

 photo _DSC5642b_zpsay641ucw.jpg

 photo _DSC5646b_zpslbnkbx8p.jpg


reem said...

Just amazing .....winter...the first and the last photo , both are beautifull ...I liked them ...thanks for sharing these ...

john said...

Hi Reem and thanks, yes it was a dramatic sky and nice to be in a place to see it move through. We've had lots of rain this winter, but it hasn't been very cold for the most part until recently where there have been small amounts of snow blowing in from the north. It all keeps moving here which is good. Hope all is good where you are and thanks again!

aferrismoon said...


Great blue on the seashore in bottom right of 2nd photos.

the first is of course 'ominous'


john said...

Hi aferrismoon and thanks. Oh yes, I didn't really notice the blue. I've bought a new monitor and can't hardly see anything anymore, 'tis the wonder of technology...hope all good with you there, cheers!