Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Squabmoor Reservoir

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reem said...

Winter seems clear here , dry trees ,but moss , is it always there ? I mean even in winter? We don't have it much in my town , so I thought it should dry in winter , my be not ,in my town we have many fruits trees and pine trees ,we find moss around small ponds only in summer...

john said...

Cheers Reem. We have lots of moss and lichen here and it remains all the year round because we have so much rain all the time, so the moss does very well and stays green all the year round. If it stops raining in the summer the moss can dry out but generally we have lots of rain. I think it rained nearly every day here in December and again we have storms forecast for Monday, winds of up to 70mph and two inches of rain set to fall, all good for the moss! Hope all good where you are and thanks!