Sunday, October 09, 2016

Daymark Tower

 photo _DSC6283_zps1cacdfpu.jpg

 photo _DSC6318_zpsclx66tar.jpg

 photo _DSC6344_zpsoozq3me9.jpg

 photo _DSC6347_zpspem7y7p7.jpg

 photo _DSC6353_zpsxa6uo71t.jpg

 photo _DSC6364_zpsqgzvcbdz.jpg

 photo _DSC6392_zpssahmgegm.jpg

 photo _DSC6435_zps0dzaq3u5.jpg

 photo _DSC6438_zps9anlltyw.jpg

 photo _DSC6454_zps93wgstto.jpg


Chris Velvin said...

Spectacular views, beautiful sunset, craggy coasts and tall towers, what else could you want from a windy wander on a Wednesday?

john said...

Good heavens! How unexpected of you to turn up here! This dear readers, is the man in the photo at the bottom of the tower, a good friend and also my long suffering driver. Hello Chris, and see you Thursday for more pottering excitement. Crikey!

reem said...

Beautiful ...but the tower slightly looks strange building for me ....

john said...

Hi Reem. The building is a bit like a chimney and has an industrial look to it I think. something that can't be seen in the photo's is just how windy it was there. The tower seems to concentrate and channel the wind. Anyone looking for shelter at the tower would be disappointed as there is no roof. The wind seems to be sucked up the tower and blown down at the same time. We had lots of trouble just standing around the tower as the wind was trying to blow us over.