Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trinity Hill - Autumn

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 photo _DSC8149_zpsmeevsql7.jpg

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aferrismoon said...


Nice muted colours

Cows pretending you're not there but sneaking a quick peek

Bit of a fire down your way I see, at that Hotel , new ugly building instead I guess


reem said...

Nice colours ....the second photo is so beautiful it a lot .....

john said...

Hi aferrismoon and thanks

Yes The Clarence is gone. It was quite a building though the sort of place I couldn't get over the threshold without being fielded back out the door again. I've heard the the owner owns many such hotels outright and the place was insured for 29 million, not sure if that's right though. Number 18 above the gallery where the fire started was a stunning set of rooms. The owners there had put in numerous applications over the years, all of which had been rejected so it could have been a burn it down and build it up again as luxury apartments scheme, no way of proving it though, but it does happen a lot. Hope all good there with you.

john said...

Cheers and thanks Reem. It was a nice walk in a place I've never been to but just looking for places to walk near Axminster, and it turned out to be a lovely quiet hill and well worth a look. Autumn is in the middle of being a bit spectacular at the moment, so I'm trying to get out and see as much as I can of it. Hope all good there.