Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Storm of Passing

We had a nice storm last night, so a good excuse to get outside and go storm watching. Although it was missing our town, it was appearing around us, enjoyably so out at sea. We don't get many storms here. Statistically you get more lightning inland rather than on the coast, but these were building up over France and just heading straight north to us, with a slight eastward drift. In hope I took the mini-tripod (fits in a smallish rucksack) along with two lenses; the Nikon 50-200 and the Nikon 50mm. In retrospect a wide angle would have been useful as the storm got closer. The Nikon 50mm is fairly cheap to buy but is one of the sharpest lenses there is, and these were taken with that one.

Very nice to sit in a field half way up a hill and watch all this approaching. Though I have to get up early and get lots of work done tomorrow this storm comes first. Then it's my friend Dogs funeral, which begins with a Mardee Gras procession through the town with accompanying brass, then to the rugby club, the crematorium and then back to the rugby club. I was thinking of the man when watching the lightning. A big rock music fan, as well as other things, last night seemed an appropriate send off for him. You can't get any more rock'n'roll than a lightning storm.

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