Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Missing Cat Walks Back In Again

Minnie the missing cat walked back in through the catflap at two 'o' clock this afternoon so good news all round and many thanks to everyone helped with the search. She was very wet as it had been raining for a few hours and she was extremely hungry so my guess is that she had been trapped in someones garage for a few days.
Unfortunatly she does have a real thing about garages.She seems to have been spotted further up the road an hour and a half earlier so she must have been disorientated to take that long to find her way back. Still it's great to have her back on the sofa and I am looking forward to having her interfering with my sandwich making tomorrow morning in the hope of her getting a bit of cheese. So cheers Minnie and well done to the person who opened their garage door and thanks to all the people who we have met around the neighbourhood. I have been pleasently surprised by the level of concern shown.

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