Friday, May 19, 2006

On Not Overworking

This was painted a couple of years ago using only three colours and the colour of the mdf.The darker brown was painted on very quickly.I then ignored this painting for about a year and then one day I took it out again and sprayed on the yellow and the blue.A lot of painting is not the actual putting on of paint but looking and thinking of what a particular painting needs.When you have discovered what a painting needs the actual work doesn't always take a long time.In the past I tended to overwork my paintings but I have learnt that you cannot include everything in one image and that it is good to leave a lot of things out.simple can be effective.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John
Inspired by your leisurely contemplative nature strolls I am having a leisurely stroll thru your blog-zone. I hope you get alerted when anyone responds to parts back in time like this is, I suppose you do but I don't know for sure. Your work is real quality and teaches slow pleasure.
About ignoring this painting for a year--Miro once said that for him, sometimes staring a painting was like catching a bird, then he might spend years taming the bird over time...
I love how you work with driftwood in conjunction with paintings. I had a listen to some of your guitar-playing and was blown away again by the quality...your friends are so lucky.