Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have been collecting driftwood for many years.All sorts of things wash up on the beach; last week I found a small plastic pirate.He didn't seem that threatening at two inches tall.Although the sea brings lots of different shaped pieces of wood I like to work with stuff that started out quite straight.I like to see driftwood with some paint left on.Rusty nails are good too.


Blueboy said...

Hi John,

I just wanted to say that I love your work. Do you sell any pieces or are they just "your own"? Keep up the good work.


john said...

Hi Craig

Thanks for your compliment, it is always nice to get a bit of feedback.

Sometimes I do sell work and I am in fact quite happy to sell it. I paint very slowly so do not produce a lot of work but yes I do like to sell them. Some of the paintings here have already been sold but many have not. If anyone is ever interested in buying a piece I can be contacted by my email address which is on my profile page.

Thanks Craig

Cheers, John.

P2P said...

I don't know why I haven't traveled back in time in your blog before. I love this one - the colors, the texture, the drifted wood. also your photographs back here in 2006 have a very different tone in them. can't really grasp what exactly.

john said...

Hello there P2P and thanks, it is a nice old picture this one, at the moment I have it hanging on the wall behind me.

Maybe I have changed a bit since these were taken, it was five years ago so that is possible, much has happened in these five years.

I don't do much travelling back here myself but it is nice to meet you back here in the past and I am glad you are enjoying this older work.

all the best.

P2P said...

maybe there's a bit more "spur of the moment" kinda magic going on in the pictures from these, past times? fogs, storms and such, moonlight shadows and little characters walking the path before you. have you lived there, by the coast, for a long time? after time passes the living sphere begins to show different sides of itself, and I feel your past pictures have more focus and depth in them when it comes to documenting moments, whereas the more resent images go beyond the time at hand and become stirred by your knowledge of history and such? these are barely my thoughts, pay no heed.

do you still paint? I don't remember seeing you post images of your paintings during the year or so I've followed on your posts.

john said...

I think I tended to put stuff onto the blog faster in those days, often just after I had taken them so yes they probably were more spur of the moment P2P.

I have lived by the coast on and off for a long time. I was born by the coast and it always seems to pull me back as I don't like living inland.

Generally the photos are just taken as moments still as I am a walker and a snapper, I never take a long time to take photos and just pause at something that catches me, the first impressions. The history is usually researched for my own education and to make the writing more informative of place.

cheers for now

john said...

Oh and I haven't painted for a while now but I have been thinking of doing some more again. I spent a great deal of time painting and drawing but apart from the pleasure of creation not much ever came of any of it. I wasn't much of a salesman and tired of the bullshit of the art scene in this country.