Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the old church at bicton

Some photo's of what remains of the old medieval church at Bicton which was partially destroyed by the owners so that they could build themselves a new mausoleum. Cold today, snows in London for the first time in seventy odd years at this time of year and it is dark now at five o clock. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


nobody said...

Hi John,

This is such a breath of fresh air. And an inspiration too. I used to be a very keen photographer. Somehow I got bored with lugging around my Canon. (It fired a 24lb ball and kicked like a mule, ha!). Weight aside it was the tiresomeness of developing the film and then scanning it into the computer etc etc. Somehow I just lost the plot on the whole caper. And my scanner went kaput...

But now I'm thinking I should get a digital back to go with my otherwise useless lenses.

You know what it is? Until I came here, I'd somehow forgotten how much I used to enjoy taking pictures. One does love to be inspired...

Thanks matey.

nobody said...

Just an idle thought.

Were you ever into XTC? Not the drug, the band with Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding. They were, for mine, the quintessential English band. Scrolling through your page is like a visual version of English Settlement, Mummer, or Skylarking. All that was missing was the Green Man, ha ha.

john said...

Hi Nobody
If you used to like taking pictures I think that you would enjoy the new digital cameras. They have lots of really good features and none of that mucking about with film though my camera is still the biggest and heaviest object in my walking bag.

From your own descriptions you have all of those lovely birds where you are and if you took photo's of them then maybe we could see them sometime too, which would be nice!

I like XTC a lot though for some reason I don't have as much of their music here as I should have, it would be good to get hold of some more.

We have green men everywhere, mostly they peer down out of the gloom in all of the churches around here in the form of roof bosses, beautiful old carvings, i've done some paintings of some of them.

Thanks Nobody, i'll see you at yours again soon.

Sunday, November 02, 2008 11:57:00 PM