Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beach, Wave, Venus and Stone

I'm getting a bit behind in posting, so here are some pictures of the coast taken through the winter.


nobody said...

Thanks John, that was marvellous. And is there a prize for solving the venus puzzle? Is it those four white pixels in the last picture? We do like puzzles.

su said...

Visual poetry at it's absolute best.
Journeying to your shores.
Thanks for sharing.

john said...

Cheers nobody

And congratulations on being this weeks lucky winner.

The prize for winning the "spot the venus pixels" competition is an all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime to the golden coast of Australia!

Sun sea sand sigarettes and all the other stuff that begins with an s plus £10, YES £10! in spending money, (terms and conditions may apply, all prizes non exchangeable and must be picked up in person from the secret bunker location on or near the south coast of east devon), just call now on this premium rate hotprizeticketline and we will put your winning ticket into the tombola of destiny to see if you can double your winning entry ticketscam and extend your fabulous break into an all inclusive open ended non returnable return ticket, (not open to employees of the above unmentioned company, we reserve the right to be a bit sneaky about the whole business etc).

Now all you have to do is answer this simple question; how tall is the Duke of Edinburgh and which film is this question taken from?

Should be an easy one! Good luck to you, you lucky luckster!

Cheers susana

I hope it's all going ok over there, there was a lot of fire which must be well worrying, I hope it has cooled down a bit for you all. We have had no rain here for a while (though nothing like you have had) which is unusual for spring here though it has been nice for us to see the sun after such a long winter.

I have popped over to yours recently and the walk you took in the hills,(mountains?)with the children looked really lovely, so good I think to get out into the places.

I have a load of spring photo's to put up soon, it all happens quite suddenly around here when it gets going. Anyway, hope all ok.

Cheers for now and all the best to you and yours.

nobody said...

Most excellent. I'll be over shortly. 'Shortly' that is in terms of continental drift. Or even sooner if someone walks up to me and says, 'We have a round-the-world ticket we don't want, would you like it?'. With this in mind, I give everyone I pass in the street an eyebrow wiggle. No ticket yet, but you never know.

And speaking of Susanna, Hullo Susanna. I had meant to pop in and tell you how much I liked your childbirth thing. It wasn't quite as intense for me as it was for you, but I liked it regardless.

Skye said...

I love these pics John, especially the last one!

word verification of the day: debug! Perhaps the computer is trying to tell me something!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Skye

Yes we have lots of fun watching the waves at night here, the sea has an appealing, ever changing character and with new camera tech. I can take these without a tripod which makes life a bit easier.

Stormy storm seas are a particular pleasure and the council installed some lovely bright lights which create dramatic film noir shadowy stuff.

Just over that little railing are huge rocks and I don't think a person would last very long with this force if they fell in. Children play a dangerous game with these waves and though I am generally careful I did get hit by a big wave a few months ago walking round the corner following the missus without looking, she got round nice and dry and I very much didn't, much to her great amusement. Get the timing wrong and your knackered.

Of a big storm, many of the folk here will descend to watch the free show with much oohing, ahhing and whoahing, resulting in a nice communal experience.

Skye said...

Oh that does make me miss the ocean something awful! No, no no, it's not such a bad thing, had I stayed living in Vancouver, I wouldn't have met Silver, and probably never would have met any of you fine folks who I love to watch via your blogs :) So saying, I do still miss the mountains and ocean!


Skye said...

John, just so you know, I've got an award for you over at my blog, Weekly Injection of Chuckles. I hope you come around and claim it!

nobody said...

Don't get too excited John. She just hands them out willy nilly. Hell, even I got one. Ha!

Speaking of which I grooved on your haiku mate. As per usual.

PS I joined the library in the next town just to lay my hands on Mythago Wood. There's a queue for it apparently, so I won't have it for a month. Anyway, as you can see, I'm on the case.

john said...

Cheers Skye, I can feel a teary acceptance speech coming on; "I'd like to thank everybody... I do have a list".

There should be some big seas off Vancouver way. What is the sea like on the west side of Vancouver Island? Canada is a big place to get around in to see the coast by the look of it but I spose you and Silver can always go to the sea and see it there maybe.

Cheers nobody

I've been provokin the missus to follow up her recently made haiku success but she just doesn't do the deadline thing, so they'll come from her when they come. She was chuffed with the title spot and had a good old laugh to see me at the end like it's a race or something.

Queue is such an odd word to spell, and to have to queue for something in this day and age, though anticipation is an old pleasure. The woods are a good place to get to for a while. The book has an interesting feel about. It was certainly nice in paperback.

I have a collection of books here, all sorts, hopefully not hoarding and wasting but more looking after for a while. I developed a bit of an eye and worked with them for a time. I picked one out of a skip once that was printed in 1784, all sorts have turned up. Some are good to read others are just beautiful old books, maybe they will come in handy someday, who knows?

On the subject of words I see that the word 'meme' originated with Richard Dawkins. Oh! and the answer to the round the world holday film teaser was 'Bedazzled' with Peter Cook, not the other one with the knockers.

cheers for now

the Silverfish said...

Yeah right like I'm gonna take the Bat a.k.a. Skye 1500 miles just to look at water when there is plenty of it comming out of the tap in the kitchen, Not Likley.

the Silverfish said...

And what the hell is this I don't even get a mention on her crappy blog, there's something wrong there.
I mean she gives out the crap about me being the love of her life an all, but do I get soo much as a mention , not a fucking chance. Seems that my friends were right when they told me that she was just using me for my culinary skills. yep it's all clear to me now, I'm just a kitchen slut, and that s all I'll ever be to Skye, just a kitchen slut, it's not fair I tell yuh it's just not fair at all, I have sooo much more to offer I really do.
I feel so used so cheap so taudry and when my memory fails and I can no longer prepare Beef Wellinton she will discard me like an old boot, the bitch.

Nice pics by the way.

nobody said...

Blow me down! Debbn maid is your missus? I had no idea. I wasn't even sure if it was a chick, ha ha. Anyway, tell her that there's two spots that count. One is the top and the other is the tail. Mind you, sometimes it truly is just in order-received.

Otherwise I'm a bit stumped as to what to put up this week. I'm wondering if the thing isn't arriving at the point of having run its course. Bugger it, I'll just whack something up and hope I'm inspired next week.

Oh, and thanks to you missus. Long may she reign etc. etc.

PS. Silv, you can't be called a kitchen slut if you only cook for one person. I think you should be more correctly be called a 'kitchen bitch'. Ha ha ha ha.

john said...

Cheers Silverfish

I imagine that a nice cosy night in listening to the tap. I got the missus interested in sound sculpture which round here means putting tins pans and buckets under the drips and enjoying the resulting pinging noises, happy days indeed.

I too spend a lot of time cooking, usually our national dish of curry or shepherdy pies. The missus makes a good pastry pie but always would get out of making them because of the cat getting all over it but now even after the cat has died she still hasn't made one. My pastry is like a biscuit and my attempts at pizza result in frisbee's. I have no idea what Boot Wellington is as we are all vagitarians here, I'll have to look it up in the cookering book unless you have pictures of it on your blog.

Cheers nobody

People seem happy to haiku so I'd keep it going if you can, it's always innerestin. The Maids out childmindering at the moment and is happy with her shiney new allotment and is busy fantasisin about seeds and stuff. I still reckon Ms. Girfan is a missus and would put money on it but how would we ever find out? Well I'm to meet down the beach for driftwood collecting so of we go.

Cheers for now and spring pictures coming soon, I'm behind as usual and haven't even picked up me award yet.

Skye said...

Boohoo Silv, cry me a river would ya!?!

Ah John, if only that were possible! As for what the sea is like on the West side of Vancouver Island, well my dear, your guess is as good as mine! Never been there myself, however, if memory serves, the surf off of the main land is pretty nice. I used to enjoy body surfing there!

the Silverfish said...

Body surfin Huh, I thought it was just feet that turned up there, right feet at that. Eight at last count. Harr Dee Har Har

john said...

What? feet out on their own? that doesn't sound at all right.