Monday, April 13, 2009

Serius est quam cogitas


john said...

24/07/2008 14.25
04/09/2008 13.12
21/09/2008 15.22
05/11/2008 13.46
01/12/2008 15.44
24/12/2008 16.07
02/04/2009 16.04

nobody said...

It's not dead is it John? This is just a Winter/Spring thing yeah? And what is that clump in the middle? Some parasitic thing? Actually I don't even know what kind of tree that is. It's an oak, yeah?

I'm so clueless today.

john said...

It's not dead nobody, it will be back growing again soon.

I think it might be a Lime tree but I am not sure as I get chased away by the horses in the field.

I think the clump in the middle is normal for some trees as I can remember a whole avenue having the same thing. Is it a Lime? I should know really. It might be as they were a popular choice of ornamental tree for the parkland of big houses such as where this was taken.

I was out photographing the moon rising out of the sea tonight and blummin cold it was too.

the Silverfish said...

Na mate thats a peanut tree and that clump in the middle is were the peanuts grow. Right John?.

john said...

Ha ha, it could be Silverfish, it could be be. On the other hand maybe its a Lemon... no I think it's definately a tree.

Penny said...

hey john, thanks for stopping in, was following the tomlinson story, god it is hard to keep up with all the bs, and I am glad you had mentioned the 'timely' terror arrests.

How convenient!

Penny said...

oh and I don't know what kind of tree it is, but I like the horses!

nobody said...

Perhaps it's a horse chestnut then?

And peanuts? Pah! Everyone knows that peanuts come from pea plants and they grow on vines, I've seen them. And besides, if it was peanuts there'd be pigs not horses. They always go together, that's why it's called pea and ham soup. Duh!

You can't pull one over on us Silv!

Penny said...

it is either a jello tree or a spaghetti tree

;) ;)

see how commercials influence the mind?

nobody said...

Sorry Pen, I'm going to have to pull you up on one small detail. It's a Pedan Tree.

If you don't care for that and would rather go with your own thing, well fine. It's a Volun Tree.

No wait! I bang the table and insist! That's a Zelleh Tree.

I'll stop now shall I? (Yes please!)

john said...

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in getting back, various worky things and all that, thanks for all your comments, we do seem to be getting somewhere with this identification business. I am now pretty sure that it could be a Lava Tree, the part in the centre is where the magma flows from.

Penny said...

well nobody, john, we are perplexed to be sure.

One thing I can say with certainty about the tree in question.
And I am absolutely certain of this from the pics.
It is a big o' tree!