Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the rags of time

Plenty of rain has fallen recently so lots of growth here at the moment producing the tallest bluebells seen for a good few years. Gales heve blown through and battered the flowers but it is good to see so much rain at this time of year as it is right for spring. These pictures were taken at the end of April so the flowers still had a way to go before being fully in bloom. These were taken on Salcombe Hill which is a good steep climb out of Sidmouth and generally not that popular as a walk as you have to go straight up the Salcombe Road and then hang a left, it is very steep climb so not so good for fag smokers and layabouts but popular with the car drivers.

I got slightly lost in these woods a while back and at a particular point couldn't work out why so much rubbish was turning up, some of it very old, some of it very new, when all of a sudden in a crescendo of debris I came over a bank onto the Salcombe Road. For years, as people drive between Sidmouth and Salcombe, they come to this nice hidden wooded part and they throw all the junk out the back of their vans and cars into the woods. Considering this road doesn't really go anywhere very important (Salcombe telephone box is one of the least used in the UK) it is quite a busy little road and everybody seems very much in a hurry to be somewhere else.

I have been reading at the World Press Network Forum lately which has some good links to articles for news and comment on the global financial situation
the Silver Bear Cafe has some interesting articles too;


nobody said...

Well thank God you're not in a rush, John. Marvellous pictures, really textural. I usually click on each one and check them out at full-rez, but for some reason only half of these were clickable. My favourite was the last one and sure enough I couldn't click it.

john said...

Cheers nobody. Yes lots of buggering about with bloggers html as usual. I have re-uploaded all the pics now so that they should all be clickable again. Thanks for letting us know though as I would not have spotted it otherwise.

Going back to a previous game I have decided that I would like to be beaten up by Pris from Bladerunner, ouch! thanks for that m'darlin!

Penny said...

god john doesn't it annoy the hell out of you when people do that?

Throw garbage, use lovely green areas as their private dumping grounds.

I see this so often, and shake my head, I can't understand it.

There is an area we visit, and there are frogs, polliwogs etc. Trees, birds, go along a little way, old tires, rugs pulled up, flooring, what the hell!

One of my peeves!

Penny said...

oh and I mean, look at the pictures it is so green, serene and gorgeous.

It is truly beautiful.

I don't understand why so many have eyes closed?

john said...

Thanks Penny. Yes the rubbish gets everywhere. The annoying thing for me is the amount of plastic used on everything. In local supermarkets a dozen mushrooms come in a thick plastic punnet also wrapped in clingfilm. In another supermarket I once saw a coconut wrapped in plastic with a sticker on it which said 'coconut' the outside mirrors the inside as far as people caring for their environment goes. People are becoming more aware of it here though it's a slow process.

The strangest one is people picking up their dogshit and then putting it in a plastic bag and leaving it in the middle of nowhere or hanging it from a tree, are these to be picked up by the dogshit fairy?

I've never heard of a polliwog but there they are. Cheers.

nobody said...

Oh oh! It's become addictive John - 'who would you cast as the 'dogshit fairy'? Is Alexei Sayle too obvious? How about the big bloke from 'I deal'? Or maybe that chick who plays the froot loop in Ab Fab?

Otherwise, Pris - absolutely. With that thigh action, good God. Lucy Liu could beat me up. But not Uma Thurman, she's rubbish. Not that I dislike her, she's just crap at chop socky. No balance.

Penny said...

OMG!! dogshit in bags in the tree!
There too?

I thought it was just ignorant canadians!

Apparently it is ignorant dog owners world wide

I cannot tell you how many shit bags, I have seen hanging in the tree.
What the hell is with that??
I never thought of the dogshit fairy, but, I am gonna have to share that thought.

You know what my other peeve is, people who bring their coffee cups out to our green areas, walk along, enjoy the peace, the green, the birds, and then throw the dam cup on the ground.
Which here is always Tim Hortons coffee.
Now, I have done the same thing, except I carry the cup back to the next garbage.

"I've never heard of a polliwog but there they are."

A polliwog is a (baby) larval frog or toad. They can be called tadpoles too!
They swim around the water. One day, we probably saw about fifty or sixty of them, and there was a baby water snake hunting them.

Penny said...

John, while out today, hubby showed me "look there is a bag,(hanging in a tree) waiting for the shit fairy"

Now we have something to call it.

And, if I ever see anyone doing that I will ask them...

who do you think is going to collect that, the shit fairy,

god I am enjoying that!

john said...

Oh no Penny! I thought it was just dumbass english people that did the shitbag shuffle and now its turning out to be global stupidity, I'm dying to catch somebody at it, as it were.And ah yes we have the tadpoles and lovely they are too.

I'd like to think that we need a top grade star for the role of dogshit fairy, I was thinking of maybe Kevin Costner, he's very top grade or Tom Cruise would be good too. I liked him as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings on Ice.

nobody, on the internet connection thing, do you have wi-fi hotspots in town? Over here we have plenty of freebies that are chalked up. Don't you have similar where you are? It's still kind of communal.

debn maid said...

Dogshit Fairy? there's a job with my name all over it. I got the wings and the tutu, plus me own steelies (for instant punishment of offenders)and am notorious for hanging around near trees in beauty spots already. go on gissa a job. I could do that.

nobody said...

No need for steelies, just get one of those telescopic truncheon things they have on the bill and put a little tinsel star on the end, and the gig's yours. Your line will be, "I wave my wand and the magic claret flows!" Ha!

nobody said...

Hey! Now that I think about it, did you ever watch Ripping Yarns with Michael Palin? I love that show. Anyway there was a scene in Tomkinson's School Days, just after the ten mile hop, with Palin as a schoolmaster granting each of the boys a 'palfrey' (not sure of the spelling) that consisted of them copping a blow from a stick. What the hell is a 'palfrey'? Does that mean anything to either of you?

Penny said...

Tom Cruise for dogshit fairy!

john said...

Sorry debn maid but the jobs just been taken. I've contacted Toms people and apparently he's very interested.

There's going to be a lot of car chases and explosions and a bit of shouting. Who needs dialogue in a movie? let's just blow everything up. Also they're not that keen on the woodland setting so it's going to take place in L.A. now. Oh and he's not so much a dogshit fairy as a dogshit detective. Only minor changes really.

john said...

I liked Ripping Yarns though I haven't seen them for many years. they seemed a fair representation of life in England.

Palfrey: A small saddle horse for ladies. Can't say I've ever heard of it.

Hitting people with sticks used to be very popular in this country though it has fallen out of fashion lately, probably the fault of the P.C. brigade rather than the C.P. brigade I expect.

nobody said...

Um, thanks John but there were no ponies in sight. Maybe it was 'pulfry'? I wonder if the transcripts are on the net? I'll go look.

Penny said...

hi john, I got that post and it was interesting and it is deleted, no problem.

my e-mail for the blog is my blog name, the number 2,

john said...

Cheers Penny, thanks for that. smiley winky.

You do not like the pony Mr Nobody? He is a good little horse! He will carry you all the way across your big country to your lovely gold!

nobody said...

Oh alright, clippetty clop, off I go...

Skye said...

I love the pics John, absolutely beautiful!

Hmmm about the dog shit bags in trees, yep definitely a problem here as well. They're hung on trees, fence posts, tucked into bushes, and sometimes just left on the sidewalk. I'm not sure what's worse, the partial clean-up or no clean-up at all!

john said...

Cheers Skye, yeah blummin dogshit bags. i haven't been walking far for a bit due to a bad back but it seems to be growing back again now so I'll be out and about again soon to take some new photo's. In the meantime I might have to put some more bluebell wood photo's up. Hope thats ok. Thanks and cheers for now.

Skye said...

Of course it's ok John, why wouldn't it be? It is your blog after all and each person get's to write their blog in accordance to what makes them happy, besides, you're such a good photographer, I love everything you post! :)

the Silverfish said...

Ahh grass and dead rotting wood, the things of life it would seem.nicely done AGAIN.