Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Lizard to Kynance Cove

Here are the last photos of my long walk around The Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. The most southerly point of the UK is in the second photograph above, the first photo illustrates the most southerly example of english humour in the UK.

Todays walk is a nice easy stroll in comparison to yesterdays six hour epic and clocks in at a comfortable two hours, with a forty minute walk back to The Lizard and the bus stop, pausing briefly in the village to check out the two pubs and drink some Rattler scrumpy in them.

The journey along the coast passes the lifeboat station which is one of the few places where you can actually reach the shoreline around here. There is a large beach a bit further on which is now unreachable due to the unstable cliffs. Kynance cove has some nice islands and is one of the few beaches I know of where the tide comes in from two different sides, which can be confusing if you are pottering about on the farther side.

Cornwall has many beautiful stone walls across it's landscape, one of which can be seen in the picture above, though I think that they could be the subject of a serious photographic study in themselves.


the Silverfish said...

Good God when I first traveled to the UK my then brother in law treated me to an insane concoction of 50% Guinness and 50% Scrumpy in pint mugs. Only one you ask? No not so, not one but MANY, like what the hell did I know, and it tasted pretty good besides it was New Years Eve. Need I tell you what the next morning was like as well as the next few mornings?

Hell I couldn't have held in a ten pound block of cheddar, and I shit you not.

john said...

Cheers Silverfish and blimey what a combination!

Mind you I am a bit curious as to how that would taste now and might have to give one a go, only one, mind. I think that would be enough. I don't know if would be called a pint of Grumpy or maybe Scrinness.

I can well imagine the 'fall out' as it were.

john said...

I've been having a look BP's Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and it seems that thanks to Dick Cheney changing the law, BP didn't need to put an acoustic switch on rigs and pipelines off the coast of America. By law these have to be used everywhere else.

BP profit in the first quarter of 2010 : $5.6 billion

Cost of the acoustic switch to shut off rig blow-outs that BP has to use in the rest of the world but not in the US : $500,000.

Tony Hayward. CEO of BP and Bilderberg member said recently that;“It wasn’t our accident, but we are absolutely responsible for the oil, for cleaning it up, and that’s what we intend to do.”

The rig that exploded on April 20 and then sank was run by another company, Transocean, he reminded viewers. That rig, he said, “was run by their people, their processes.”

“Hayward also said the company was preparing for a ‘worst case scenario’ that it would need to contain the spill for two to three months.”

So that's possibly 200000 gallons of oil leaking per day multiplied by three months. If they get it fixed by then.

john said...

I have a few questions for Tony Hayward but for some reason he seems really difficult to get hold of and there is no email address at all for BP's offices in St. James Square, London. They do have a fax machine but I can't find one in the local antique shop.

Luckily for us all Tony is on facebook here:

Tony Hayward

Poor Tony only has 22 friends which is even fewer than I have and I am fairly unfriendly. I have sent him a friend request so he can be my pal and we can have a bit of a chat about stuff. I'll let you all know how I get on.

nobody said...

Hullo John,

Is it not warming up there yet? Perhaps when they throw Labour out the weather will improve. Imagine all the punters, "Gosh, we voted out Labour and the weather got warmer! Three cheers for democracy."

And good to see that the English are still into assing, and crucially, that they're still into it in designated places. It's what sets them apart as a people I think. Not like on the continent where they're just doing it wherever...

As for facebook, it's all very well for you young people with your watchamahoozies and your thingymajiggeries but old people like me, we just want nice traditional things like mops and lasagne and trousers with pockets in them. Is that too much to ask?

john said...

It's warming up slowly here nobody though things are greening up. I heard some Swift singing the other day which is a very welcome sound.

Politics is the same old here. Labour got a surprising number of seats. Gordon Brown is clinging onto Number 10 and might have to be forcibly removed from the building soon. It is getting embarrassing.

I noticed that in Jacqui Smiths constituency of Redditch that a Nobody Party stood against her. Candidate Derek Fletcher wore a t-shirt that read 'Vote for nobody because nobody cares' He got 73 votes.

The Conservatives had the slogan 'Vote for Change' which didn't add up somehow, especially as many of the MPs have been in Parliament for a good number of decades.

I closed my ears to most of the election, as did many here. Stagger and lurch, it does.

Anyway nice to see you around again, the internet is more fun with you sailing across it nobody.

It did cross our minds that you may have become entangled with a lady. Come on Australian women!

nobody said...

A lady? Good God John. What, like one of these lovelies?

What's the name of that phobia where you're terrified of taking a chick home and then finding out that her fake mustache isn't fake? Whatever it's called I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway it's horrific and the kind of thing to make a fan of faux-moustachioed women wake in fright. Where's my DVD of Shaolin Soccer? Thank God for Karen Mok and Cecilia Cheung!

john said...

Yikes! No not exactly the type of ladies I was thinking of, not that there's anything wrong with that kind of thing particularly though those two are a bit scary and it's not for me.

Have you presented the two footballers to confuse me nobody? Somehow even with good mustaches they manage to look rather sexy...cripes!

It's spring here which is always a dangerous time for this kind of thing.

john said...

Number 11 has more of a goatee rather than a mustache. Just for the sake of accuracy.