Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The time is out of joint; a bone slipped from its socket. The radioactive decay of some elements sitting quietly in laboratories on Earth seemed to be influenced by activities inside the sun, 93 million miles away. Constants are found inconstant and the scientist arrives at the top of the mountain to find the philosopher, again. The temper, like the time, is fugitive, as bright colours flee from the sun. Serius est quam cogitas

Could this alter our perception of time? Other timeless states seem to exist.
The effect is of a vaporous, time-forgetting absorption in the appearance of things - as if, in gazing at leaves rustling in a tree, Drake might have seen them in slow-motion, a shade uncanny and perhaps preternaturally beautiful. Such sensitive "slow vision" would account for much in the mood and substance of his work.

May turns into June.

Something slightly different and some good news for you today in that the pictures can now move to become movies, or films as we know them here, unless you go to the cinema in which case you go to the pictures. To my mind films can be good when they are short. One of the many reasons I don't go to the cinema is because many films are too long, or epic, as they are possibly known. I used to like a nice tightly edited 90 minutes and then off to the pub. There are exceptions of course, Tarkovsky being one of them, even though his name does roughly translate as bumflattener in most languages.

In other late medieval news we have decided that the descriptions of the old giant worms, not The Lambton Worm but other smaller forest dwelling types could well have been a large form of slug. Not that it matters much anymore.

If the above films don't work for some reason I can save you time and tell you that it's a lot of whizzy clouds. More static pictures coming soon. And more timelapses coming as and when they occur. Hope you enjoy, good friends!


Unknown said...

The videos are beautiful.

- Aangirfan

P2P said...

i love the bird on the first one. that video needs appropriate music. on the second video the clouds move like flames. great work, and thank you for the awesome links.

nobody said...

Ha Ha!

I love it when my favourite philosopher gets proved righter and righter. What was that he said? The only certainty is change. Thank you the Buddha.

It seems yet another constant bites the dust. I can't remember where I read it (perhaps when I was in amongst that Judy Wood stuff) but I came across a chap who'd worked for one of the big MIC combines and he'd done an experiment not unlike the astronauts on the moon (ahem) that time when they dropped a hammer and a feather and they hit the ground at the same time. (The hammer and the feather, not the astronauts).

Except that what he did was take two heavy weights, one wrapped in the largest, most powerful magnets available, and dropped them from the highest tower he could find. The weight wrapped in magnets hit the ground later than the one without. How now gravity? Not so constant after all.

(Not forgetting of course the possibilities for anti-grav drive and other such black magic - black magic when in the hands of the MIC, that is)

But never mind all that. How lovely to contemplate the clouds scudding across the sky.


And hullo Aang and hullo P. How completely brilliant you've both been lately. And P, just because I never say anything in your comments doesn't mean I'm not mesmerised. Because I am, ha ha. It's petty I know but the reason I almost never comment is because of that Beethoven cove. It's my opinion he's some variety of bullshit and I can't stand to be in the same room as him. Sorry!

P2P said...

hi nobs,

too bad I don't get to hear from you. you are one of my favorite bloggers anyway so it would be an honor to say the least and the gayest. why don't you drop me an email? I think there was some bigger than life topic or something you were supposed to email me about some months ago. was it about escapism? or dropping out or something like that?

a big part of me doesn't like to accept comments to dyslexiaisokhere at all. but, I continue to keep the option open for all who want to and go on cheering for them. I would actually love to receive critique and "what the fuck does that mean" -kinda comments but, well. most of my readers are americans for some reason and they are too polite...

I amused myself quite a bit by thinking about the possibilities that stanford article will open in the future for people into astrology and whatnot. five pennies worth of science for star signs right here,

"Their findings strengthened the argument that the strange swings in decay rates were caused by neutrinos from the sun. The swings seemed to be in synch with the Earth's elliptical orbit, with the decay rates oscillating as the Earth came closer to the sun (where it would be exposed to more neutrinos) and then moving away."

nobody said...

Sorry John, you don't mind if P and I chat do you?

Hey P, it's true. I owe you a reply, especially after all your thoughtful comments. But it's also true that I owe John a reply. And you and he are just the tip of the iceberg. I owe tons of people replies.

It's just that my current unsettled existence puts the kibosh on writing. There's something about staying in other people's houses, with them bustling about (never mind their kids), that destroys my ability to sit still and write.

The other part of it is that your comments are particularly dense. Anything I might write would be as much question as answer. It's the kind of thing that would be far better suited to a chat ie. face to face. And a joint wouldn't hurt, ha ha. But here we've got text typed onto a screen which is good for some discussions and really crap for others.

Actually now that I think about it, it's all your fault for being so goddamn mysterious, ha ha ha. Not that this is a criticism of course. You perpetually befuddling me is half the fun.

And did you say gay? Curious. Whilst it's true that I am 'excited with merriment; manifesting sportiveness or delight', I'm pretty sure it's not on account of shagging men, which is all a bit too yucky for me. Not that chicks aren't yucky too - they are - but at least they're yucky in a yummy sort of fashion. If you can dig it.

Hmm... perhaps that's why I'm always single? Because I talk too much? Perhaps I need to be monosyllabic? Oh dear, 'monosyllabic'... that's got to go for starters.


aka Ennngh!

john said...

perhaps I should fetch madam and monsignor another bottle of wine.

john said...

Blimey What's been going on here? cheers Aangirfan! How's it going? If you lot ever need a holiday at the seaside give us a shout. maybe you could all pitch tents in the garden or something, I haven't got a lot of space but you'd be most welcome, it's just a thought. it's all buckets and spades and too much alcohol round here, that sort of thing.

I've got to run off again now but will try to get back later to reply further. Cheers P2P and nobody, you carry on if you feel like it. this is a nice quiet part of the internet to have a chat.

cheers m'dears

P2P said...

a glass of red in one hand and a joint in other wouldn't hurt. oh well, I know the universe to be crazy enough to maybe toss us all around one table in one point or another.

I told my brother today that he has a better sense of humor than I do, to which he replied "yes. my sense of humor is humane." I guess that is why I am single too, having an inhumane sense of humor and a tendency to speak so much on such random topics that the very majority of ppl have to go on just smiling as if they understood.

also I'm in a need of the assistance of whatever higher beings on every rare occasion I come to meet a person irl who doesn't fall of the wagon when I go on verbalizing the abyss of mayhem that goes on between my ears. erh...

I am very much into late 19th and early 20th century literature. the use of the word gay back then was appropriate on my opinion in comparison to the use it has had since... the fifties? I have actually never come to think why the word denoted to carefree and innocent form of lighthearted happiness was chosen to brief the term "homosexual"... oh wait. it must be because homosexuality is immature, childish, juvenile - which as a topic of conversation is deliciously politically incorrect.

P2P said...

oh and john, what an awesome suggestion which I will take completely seriously even though I've heard brits to suggest such things out of merely courteous reasons. just some weeks ago my british boss told about offering her couch for a german colleague with the kind words of "stay as long as you like." she of course thought that the same code of behavior or something would work in his mind too and he would be out in a couple of nights, but, and this is a thing I understand and share with the german, he didn't - he had taken the "as long as you like" seriously.

I have something we finns call "karelian courtesy," which is a reference to the posse of east side of f-land and their customs (part of my family was born in the parts of karelia which have been a part of cccp / russia since the fourties). I love to have guests around and wish them to stay as long as possible to share everything I have. when I go visit friends I give great value to them in letting me cook, and oh boy if they let me clean! I know it to be simply crazy when glared at with the eyes of men from some other cultures. but, couldn't roll in any other way, really.

Penny said...

Just wanna say hey John, to you and yours!
Hope all is well and glad to see you hangin' in there.


nobody said...

Hee Hee,

Monsignor? Well, that would necessarily be altar wine, ha ha. But you'll have to include me out of that. I've become one of those tedious 'diet' people who doesn't eat wheat, or gluten, or anything fermented. Don't you hate those people? I bloody do. Anyway, no wine, beer, or cider for me. Believe it or not, I just drink water.

Unless there's vodka! Do they have vodka in Finland? And Reindeer? Do they have them? What about Nokia phones? Ha ha ha ha.

Right then, a spliff and a vodka and there we are. Be warned: marijuana has this werewolf effect on me wherein I turn into some kind of unearthly game show host doing a bad impression of Charles Dickens if he were an orchestra conductor. (And that's why you should always hide your cutlery - I tend to wave it about as if it were some kind of 'baton de significance').

As for hospitality, the arse fell out of my caretaker gig and it's back to Plan A, ie. me, a van, and the highway to oblivion, which is to say Tasmania. Mind you, I'm thinking I'll Winter in Kakadu first. Tasmania will be bloody freezing in Winter. Anyway... the point is, should anyone want to catch up and they think they'd be comfortable sitting in a van and doing it rough, they're welcome. As for how long, I figure until one of us wants to kill the other would be fair enough.

Mind you, it's a big country out there and it wouldn't be difficult to hide a body so that it'd never be found. Oh wait, did I say that out loud? Bugger.

john said...

Well cheers and thanks everybody. I am glad other people are getting the hang of English hospitality and courtesy, the 'stay as long as you like' is a good example of how we like to make things confusing with over politeness.

We like to say we are here to help and make agreeable noises, which makes us feel nice and good about ourselves, even though it does actually look a lot like we are dropping bombs on you from a great height, that kind of thing.

You're all very welcome to stay in my back garden for as long as you like.

If anyone wants to drive anywhere I would like to offer my services as a navigator. I can drive, but I get really excited about the prospect of a big map and I know the difference between left and right really quickly, unlike some navigators I could name: " No! I meant the other left!"

If anyone really wants a proper chat sort of thing there are Skype possibilities, which could be interesting. I sometimes think of something like a Christmas party where there is a 24 hour drop in and out period. I wonder if there are conference type things available?

Other than that if you two wanted a proper natter, the electric telephone was invented in 1876 and is available for the use of in many countries.

And my humble apologies Monsieur, I was confounded by your strange attire and monkish countenance. Should I bring another glass of wine for your daughter?

Shit! I'm rubbish at waitering.

Cheers Penny! and thanks. I Hope all good where you are. We're still waving.

john said...

The weight and magnet experiment is interesting. Personally I would just enjoy throwing heavy objects off the tops of buildings anyway but if you get to learn something even better.

The man on the moon story is a very good example of one of those subjects where if you question it people think you mad but McGowan presents a very persuasive argument mainly by concentrating on the nuts and bolts problems, like the lost technology of the 60s.

su said...

been a long time since i in-joyed a conversation as much as the one above.
thank you all.

john, loved your haiku over at nobody's - that music is life affirming in the truest way.

and once again thank you for the visual perception and perspective that is you - delightful, invigorating, inspiring. thanks guv.

john said...

cheers su and thanks. It's always very nice to hear from you. I hope that as you approach your mid-winter that you are keeping warm and comfortable there.

It's good that people feel comfortable enough here to linger a while and talk to each.

john said...

Oh, by the way, that wasn't my haiku over at nobodys blog, that was 'other john' who is very good at haiku. I'm late as usual.

nobody said...

Back from Sydney now. Yes, quite right - 'Other John'. Other John is from Florida and his name is in grey (what with not having a blogger account) whereas Our John's name is in blue. That's how you tell 'em apart. That and the fact that (sotto voce now...) Our John's haiku are a superior variety of, um... 'sideways'. I do like your contributions John, they're always a treat. That beach one was brilliant. Made me think of Camus for some reason...

P2P said...

finland makes shit vodka in comparison to our neighboring countries, and especially in comparison to poland which is the promised land of vodka. reindeers, yes, and all the cities in finland are also plagued by polar bears.

I was forced offline for days but during them remained amused by

"Anyway... the point is, should anyone want to catch up and they think they'd be comfortable sitting in a van and doing it rough, they're welcome. As for how long, I figure until one of us wants to kill the other would be fair enough."

...especially because before reading that a friend of mine told he had finally watched a documentary I recommended to him some months ago. he concluded that I am on his opinion very much like the "gay person of the year 2010" of norway, the subject of the documentary - gaahl. I laughed, and said that I can imagine myself having a blast with gaahl alone in his house between the fjords, until after a week we would have nothing else left to do but to kill each others. when two ends of themselves meet the collision easily gets brutal.

the documentary, which is a great documentary, because rarely in the history of humanity have we been able to document a true man of the forests so well. the same 'scene' gaahl belongs to lives on in f-land too. mind you, I've gotten drunk with "satanists" throughout the years in f-land, and just yesterday found out that I have a chance to in the, hopefully, far future meet michael aquino through very surprising links a good friend of mine has.

anyway, there's a lot of humor to be derived from the american skater boys who go to pay a visit to this gay man of the fjords. the part where they climb to a snowy top is just purely priceless.

if your time is limited, then this clip is a good brief on the nature of gaahl (also a swell example of a svecchakari, for those who've wondered what the concept stands for);


now I am actually confused by the "as long as you like." oh well, I guess it's supposed to be confusing? italians loved to play roles and lie and such in order to see if the other persons involved were smart enough to figure the bullshit out. it was childish, but I got the point of it which lays somewhere between distrust and a weird shyness disguised into twisted social openness. people were socially demanded to be outward and open but lacked the trust for others to really be honest from the first moment on, so they had to "test" others.

john said...

Cheers nobody. I like to enjoyment haiku and the pictures are always such a surprise and I think wow! what's going to come from this? I don't play much footie anymore but I'd like Camus for a goalie if I did. I could catch the ball myself I suppose but what's the bloody point?

Going anywhere really cold in a van might work if you had a woodburner in it, apart from that, nah, and even then, still not great.

cheers and thanks

john said...

sorry I have to run off as a visitor has arrived bearing gin and tonic and grapefruit and things

back later for more and hopefully a proper reply for you P2P. thanks and see you soon

john said...

Hullo again. thanks for link to the gaahl film P2P, I very much look forward to watching that and also for your suggestion of putting music to the timelapse films, it would be interesting to see which sort of music would fit with them, and how it would fit.

Visitors are welcome here, though I wonder what our hospitality might be like in comparison to other places. Guests generally stay inside the house, though sometimes they camp and use the place as a base.

When the english say as 'long as you like' it generally means two nights, not really that long. I am hopefully not typical.

Possibly like some other places England is a minefield of manners, raised eyebrows and tutting as we lurch from one social embarrassment to the next. Somehow everybody is supposed to know the unspoken rules and there is a very obvious class system here with people expected to 'know their place'

I even have problems walking down the road here, as certain folk sum your class position up and expect you to get out of their way and jump in the gutter, doffing your cap as they walk by. It's endless pleasure.

Did everybody catch the Obama toasting the Queen on his recent visit to the UK video on youtube for some of this? It is painful to watch and I almost felt a bit sorry for him.

john said...

Interview with Dave McGowan on blogtalk radio from 4th June 2011:

Inside LC and wagging the moondoggie

It's 2 hours, haven't heard it yet.

P2P said...

this little corner of the internet deserves more ramble, I decided after being reminded of the excellence of british humor (could use a better word to describe the following):

I have come to the conclusion that positive discrimination is an excuse in british bureaucracy to collect data on employees' ethnic origin. in reality it is done because of the same interest as directed towards breeds of dogs and horses. my sense of humor had its moment of glory some time ago when I filled a sheet asking the ethnic origin of mine by choosing the box "asian, other" and proudly adding the word "mongoloid." I thought positive discrimination is rampant in f-land, but now I have to admit I have never before even thought what ethnic category I would land into. haven't seen any point in such pondering.

on further ramble, I realized today that there might be more to my habit of hailing as a form of greeting than my blasphemous sense of humor. I have been doing yoga for a decade and have been adding some new asanas for my routine this past winter, my favorite one being "lord of the dance" which includes hailing. I remember reading about "gazing" as an important part of practice for certain yogi sects, meaning in practice the aiming of a gaze going beyond the material sphere according to the direction naturally pointed by a given asana. I tried to google schutzstaffel's views on hailing but all the roads led to roman salute which isn't really interesting when considering the extent of oriental influences on nazis. the googling nevertheless produced this interesting review:

I also picked up from somewhere a new concept to amuse me, being "fascist yogi."

I hope I am not leading the ramble to an uninteresting direction. and, thanks for the mcgowan interview, it inspired me enough to find a dvd of chinatown from our flat to be watched tonight.

nobody said...

Hullo P,

How marvellously all-over-the-shop you are, ha ha.

And Finnish vodka is shit? But it's in such a pretty bottle! To be honest I'm not very fussy. And not much given to getting drunk neither. I never really liked it. I am the world's slowest drinker.

As for that chap who sounds like he's choking on his own vomit - Ghhaaarrrrlll! - erm... yes. Sorry, but once people start declaring that they are their own God, I'm out of there. And you hang out with satanists? One of whom knows Michael Aquino? Jesus Christ!

Well, I shan't offer you any advice, I'll merely pray that it all goes well and you don't end up having your skull smashed in with a piece of concrete, with some chap keeping your severed fingers to nibble on later. Remember - if they take you to some isolated place late at night for a bit of jollity do try not to let them come near you with a machete or such like. I've heard it can end very badly.

As for yoga, there has always been a fascistic vibe to it all. In the school I was at (hatha - quite traditional) I recall reading things that went on and on about the rightness of never questioning your guru. And sure enough, no one was less surprised than me to find out my particular school has now split into two: those who support the school's globe-trotting Swamiji; and those who want nothing to do with him on account him endlessly shanghai-ing young girls to visit him late at night and receive a mouthful of his sacred 'prakash'. 'Prakash' equals 'enlightenment' and it tastes a bit salty apparently. And spitting it out is considered poor form. You have to do what the guru says, you see.

My problem with that aspect of the school was that I read too much of the Buddha who told people the very opposite. Don't believe, he says. And there I am in yoga class with my uber-committed teacher declaring that Asians are different to Westerners because they don't sit there questioning their guru, they just do it. An eyeroll for yours truly.

Otherwise I'm thinking your word 'hailing' (which is what I do for a taxi) would more correctly be 'sieg heiling'. Is that right? And 'lord of the dance'? Nataraja asana? I always liked that one. Wouldn't it be jolly if, in the old footage, the crowds cheering Hiter instead of just merely raising their arm, all broke into Nataraja? Surreal.

And John - thanks for the McGowan link. It was very good. But you know what I'd like to hear? It seems Meria and this chap you linked to both do the same thing. They merely get Dave to recount what he's written. If you've already read it then it's not that interesting. Well, not as interesting as him telling us what isn't in the articles. I'd like to hear about his statcounter hits and whether people personally get in touch with him. Does he have any spooky encounters? That sort of thing.

Still! It was all good!

And P - PS (ahem) I see you've ditched your comments section. And just as I was going to pop in and say how much I like your recent photos! Never mind, here you are. Oh, and the writing. I always enjoy even if I don't understand it. And that dinosaur photo - very good.

P2P said...

one of the first philosophical writings that touched me at a very young age were words accounted to buddha translated into finnish. all I understood and the only thing which stayed with me was the idea of the path worth taking in life being internal, and thus only accessible by the individual himself. that is why all organized social functions aiming at "enlightenment" or "salvation" are bullshit. among some friends we've played a joke about the highest realization on the top of the masonic ladder to be "oh, I just wasted decades of my life into hanging out with these assholes only to find out that all worth reaching is within myself." f-land is an interesting country in not having one relatively rare group of female freemasons, but three.

the satanists I know are of jolly kind, though I know they're not the only kind there is. people who take themselves too seriously tend to be fucked up, no matter what walk of life they lead. I myself happen to be a great laugh, especially when intoxicated, and for that reason I've made friends here and there, usually from other social loners. but, following what I learned quite early on, I never tie myself to any group or category. I am free from taking myself seriously. is that selflessness? words are so confusing.

and yes I meant sieg heiling. this winter I was at a gay club dancing alone after all my friends had dropped themselves from the last man standing competition that goes on forever, and my eyes met with a guy who I began to flirt with while dancing. one of my signature moves is to do a little sieg hailing in the rhythm of a given bassline, and so I did to him while placing two fingers under my nose to have the moustache effect. for a reason I cannot know he approved of such moves and later while talking to him outside the club I found out him to be german. I needed to excuse his company because my laughter over my own idiocy needed privacy.

and, ahem, the comments went away because I realized there is no point of having a possibility to comment there. people just didn't follow the trail of thought question "are you serious?" placed before the comment box should have implied. since the first day of no comment possibility the visitor amount has quadrupled. why, I have no idea.

ah, these guys would have had so much more fun if they were rockin' nataraja

john said...

Hullo again and thanks P2P and nobody for the extra ramble.

The Day Today was a quite exceptional choice P2P - a program fondly remembered. At the time the over-the-top music and graphics were beautifully ludicrous but sadly appear normal in relation to todays tv junk. Much current mainstream comedy I find unchallenging as comedians seem to play it very safe and I get annoyed that comedians ignore the obvious political and social issues, the satire ain't what it should be.

I am enjoying your unPC dancing P2P, it must have been very funny. Disappearing for a bit to have a good laugh is something I recognise. Dancing, if done properly shouldn't really be that PC.

got to dash again, we have a plumber at last.

P2P said...

hi john,

I guess brass eye was done pretty much by the same people who did day today, and I think with it they've really smoothed the rough edges of that program. and the graphics designed for brass eye are really something, for 1997 or for something else.

comedy today, oh dear, I've succumbed to actually at times enjoy kathy griffin's take on contemporary matters in her stand up, her being more candid than anyone atm even though her material circles around celebs and that sort of bull. but the kinda stuff that makes me laugh uncontrollably for a long time usually is decades old or then situational comedy occurring irl.

and oh the idea of politically incorrect dancing! now as it exists as a concept I must dedicate a part of my being into creating a whole choreography made of politically incorrect dance moves.

john said...

Oops, my mistake. I had comment moderation on for comments on posts older than two weeks. It's a kind of reminder thing.

I'm liking the sound of the dancing P2P.

hey nobody! If your still out there. You already have a bunch of better questions to ask Dave McGowan than that other bloke. Is there any way you could phone Dave up and interview him properly? That would be great.

I've got to scoot off again as I should be photographing the moonrise in about 20 minutes time. I have been looking out for eclipses for a good number of years and last night was typically cloudy and the moon obscured here. Very often we seem to get a clear night the night before and a clear night the night after, but cloudy on the night of the eclipse. Tonight is clear so I have to grab my stuff and get out there.

cheers for now

nobody said...

Funny you should mention it John, I had similar thoughts. And then it occurred to me that if I could do that, it wouldn't be any great step to doing some kind of radio show. Which is to say the sort of thing where people (ie. yourself and P and AP and Pen etc.) could jump on skype and we could all have a chat. Mind you, I doubt it would be interesting to anyone else - desultory idle conversation with no great purpose. And sure, I'd enjoy it, but then people enjoy masturbation too, but that doesn't mean it makes for an edifying public spectacle.

To be honest I'm thinking my ego stretches to a column (but only barely) but a radio show featuring my voice is a step too far. The word that springs to mind is 'cringe'. No Alex Jones me, ha ha.

john said...

We could disguise your voice if it would help nobody, put it up or down a couple of octaves or make you sound like a robot or something. actually that's probably not going to help is it?

I don't see much of Alex Jones as I find him difficult to take seriously, a bit like David Icke. superstars and all that, I don't trust them. Muslims running Hollywood? I remember David Icke when he was just our local BBC tv sports presenter, he seemed pretty normal in those days. He was an ex footballer. Clearly he had something happen to him, then I saw him interviewed on tv by terry wogan in deeply unpleasant form. That was the turquoise track suit gig I think, it was a long time ago.

I can't get the Meria shows here for some reason but I would prefer to hear Dave talk about something other than what he has already written.

There was brief talk of Abraham Lincoln but I can't remember the names he mentioned. I had a quick rummage and some curious characters soon turn up, like Boston Corbett the man who shot John Wilkes Booth. Dave said something about someone going on a killing spree soon after the assassination. Lincoln seems an odd choice of subject and I'll be interested to see what he comes up with.

nobody said...

As always I await his stuff with bated breath. And yeah, Lincoln, absolutely. As soon as I heard he was doing that the first thought that popped into mind was Zoolander. Did you see it? In it they float the absurd proposition that models and actors have a history of being mind-controlled assassins. We even get a flashback of Lincoln's death with John Wilkes Booth looking into the camera and doing a sort of 'blue steel' pout.

Which is curious I reckon. Because any number of models are mind control zombies and the alleged mind control techniques shown in Zoolander (silly art direction aside) aren't so far from the truth. Not as accurate as Clockwork Orange but the ballpark is the ballpark.

And then Dave McGowan comes along saying Lincoln's assassination is not quite what we were told. Interesting.

And actually now that I think about it I wonder what he'd find if he went looking for links between the Lincoln assassination and the various attempted assassinations of Andrew Jackson. There's a thirty year gap but that's only the distance between now and Iran/Contra and God knows we're beset by the usual suspects in all of that.

Anyway, Dave is the man for the job.

john said...

Cheers nobody. Yes Dave is the man for it.

I haven't seen Zoolander, it does sound like a curious subject to make such a movie about. Recently there was Dollhouse too which had mind controlled assassins. I watched a few of them and was interested to see that I couldn't muster sympathy for any of the characters, they were all too creepy and dodgy.

I was reading a very odd thing just now which put forward the idea that the thing people hadn't noticed about the JFK assassination was that it was actually a body double that had been killed.

Whilst on the subject of movie/tv I have just watched the two seasons of Carnivale. Made in 2003-5 it was set in 1934 but actually seemed to be describing the conditions of our near future. Are we considered as carnival freaks?

I have been away for a bit and see that the situation in Greece has been hotting up, this is getting interesting to see as we are all heading for this treatment. I hope they can tell the IMF and banks to swivel.

P2P said...

benjamin singleton once said somewhere that once you start understanding the significance of a certain symbolic language you see the theme of "mind control" in almost everything. it has struck me true enough to come to think of it being, to a degree, instinctive to use such a symbolic language to describe bits of human existence. from my own writings, and some photographs too, I've seen the same language linger as if I knew something that we all might know deep down - that we can be controlled without our conscious knowledge and consent. by what, I leave that open for discussion.

randomly, I watched sharky's machine from tv last night (the language mentioned before is visible even in imdb ). I assume you've seen it and so I won't go into it more deeply here. I cannot provide the actual quote, but of the italian pimps it was said that when they abducted young girls, they raped and tortured them long enough for them to be completely docile in their newly found faith. the italian brothers were specified to be from sardegna.

when I lived in sardegna I heard a story of a guy a friend of mine knew who had taken his girl out for a ride on their first year anniversary, saying he would be taking her out to celebrate the day by eating out and whatnot. he drove her far away from sassari, the second largest city of sardegna in the north, to a remote house in the inland. there he received 5000 euros in exchange of her, and drove away leaving her to be tortured and raped in a basement for two weeks until she managed to escape. the joke was that my friend too knew where to sell me if he would find it appropriate. in all my time in italy I never really understood the deep metaphysical values the people around me held.

published products and even art can be used as a psychological cover, a diversion, for others as well as perpetrators and victims. I've come to think that many big money making "modern slaves" are kept sane, if I may stretch the meaning of the word, by externalizing the lives they've lead into narratives, stories, films, images. I guess this is what Dave pointed at when linking the personal history of jack nicholson to the story in chinatown. the same might work well if a given "slave" goes through a breakdown - you cannot really be taken seriously if you describe events of your own life that have been made into a movie years ago with you yourself playing the lead.

john, I hope you post some pics you took of the full moon. I drove my bike at the early morning hours of the 17th to squat on the rocks rising from a bay, overlooking the center of helsinki. it was the first time I ever used a tripod, because before finding one from an abandoned apartment a couple of weeks back I haven't had one. I have never accumulated any possessions for myself, monetary or material, but me photographing has been blessed in a sense. In addition to having had two used slrs as gifts I've found two lenses, a flash and now the tripod when in the need of them. anyway, I didn't get the kind of a shot of the moon I would have wanted from the rocks. hope you did.

I must say, that for the past couple of weeks I've enjoyed this corner of the internet a lot. I think you've noticed that in my blog there is nothing about myself directly, only a stylized version of what I see and of the things that happen around me. the "I" in my writings is never me, though in all of that I've written I've used a mix of places, people and conversations that have actually happened. so, I always find it very refreshing to speak of and as myself in the blogsphere, for I don't do it in my own padded room.

john said...

Yes P2P, agreed about the levels of mind control, once seen it does become possible to see the prevalence and then try to attempt to overcome some of which is deep conditioning.

I've never heard of sharky's machine. There is much I have missed because I haven't had tv for many years so there are many films and tv programs I don't know about. I'll look that one up though.

A terrible reality you describe in sardegna, it is awful to think that such things happen, what a world this is.

I have taken photos of the moonrise over the course of a few nights around the full moon. It is very difficult to photograph the moon and I am thinking that many photos must be composits as you either get the moon as it should appear or the actual landscape but not really both at the same time as the moon turns into a very bright white light otherwise. I had quite a funny few nights doing this recently, maybe I should send you an email about it at some point.

In most ways you are blessed with not having material possessions as they do become a weight to be carried around and blessed indeed to have so much photography equipment appear for you, nudging you towards photography and good for us too that we get to see the world through your eyes.

It has been a pleasure to have this conversation here and it has been very nice to find out some more about ourselves. Blogging is plenty paradoxical for me as many of the things I would really like to talk about go unmentioned and there is much that I am unable to talk about unfortunately. Thanks again to you P2P and nobody and all my other visitors.

P2P said...

john, do drop me an email. I love reading and writing them, plus I too had some thoughts come up when trying to capture the moon. I am quite skilled in editing photographs, so if you want you can send me two images taken from approximately the same spot, with one having the moon visible without having burned through and an another with the scenery well lit, and I can put them together. it is a two click thing with photoshop really, if you have it the tool to use is 'clone stamp.' otherwise I am more than happy to do it. I've done a few panoramas in the past years with photoshop and this is one of the funniest, if I remember correctly it has six or seven images put together:

john said...

Thanks very much P2P. I may very well take you up on your kind offer. I have photoshop and have tried but have not been satisfied with the results. Generally I like to have the photo straight from the camera but this often causes problems such as the sky/landscape exposure thing. like the sheeple one and the other sunset one too, great colours.

I have to do a bit of running around in the next few days so won't have time for much, (time, time where does it all go?) but will email something to you very soon.

On an unrelated subject, the other thing that has been occupying my news time lately is the ongoing situation at Fort Calhoun and I have been trying to keep up with what's happening there as have many people according to the 20,000 hit rate of someones flickr photos of recent aerial views of the flooding.

The other part of this is the problems with the reservoirs along the Missouri such as the massive one at Fort Peck, upriver from Fort Calhoun. For a really alarming scenario check this one out: The looming Missouri dam flood

lots to do and it's bedtime for bonzo here. Cheers for now

john said...

I meant picasso not flickr and the photos are here: Missouri River Flood
and the views are up to 34,000 now. So much for the mainstream press that we have to look at a picasso photoset and these are from June 12th.

I'm really going now.