Sunday, November 24, 2013

sea storm


reem said...

Wow ,very strong storm ,sea seems angry and dangerous . Last year whene i had a short trip to Egypt ,Alexandria at winter ,there was storm but not strong like yours ,it was the only one that i've seen ...In my town during windy days nights ,I was sitting near the window and listen to the strong sounds outside ..

john said...

Cheers and choukran Reem. The sea is very dangerous when it is like this, it is not to be trifled with, this sort of sea happens fairly regularly around here. It is lovely to listen to the storms at night. I like it when you are tucked up indoors and can hear the storms raging. I do waterproof up and go out in it quite a lot as I like to see what it's like.

I hope the situation in Egypt is improving, they have had a hard time of it for the last few years. It's shame as Egypt used to be such a different place and much better for the people there.

It is cold here now and it has been minus 8 in the place where my mother used to live. At the moment I have a hat and a blanket on and a cat to keep me warm. I'll put the stove on tomorrow night I think.

Hope all are well where you are, good friend Reem.

aferrismoon said...

Must have been nice to get back home.

I liked waking up on a saturday or Sunday morning to hear the rain on the window knowing that I didn't have to go out


john said...

Cheers aferrismoon. Yes that's always a good one isn't it? I'm never that keen this time of the year when it's dark, cold and rainy and you have to get up and go out in it. It's lot easier though if you can go out and do something you enjoy doing.

I like going out in the rough weather if I'm just going for a walk, as I enjoy being in places when they are quieter of people and places at night and when it's raining are usually quiet.

Hope all is good where you are.

reem said...

Sweet cat ,blanket and stove ,it's perfect winter day I guess .It made me look forward to winter ,love winter ,rain ,drops on the window ,I miss all of these beautiful things ....Egyptians deserve a better life , they are good and like to work ,we don't know much about Egypt ,I don't have friends there ,we just watch media and as usual media lies,and says what they want ,in Damascus ,Al Sham ,there's fierce war and strangers ,fighters from all the words keep going to kill people and soldiers ,we pray for peace ..They kidnapped 16 nuns and sisters from Maaloula two days ago and burned few houses in the town ..God bless Syria ...